List of novel Writers

A list of novelists

British novel and English literature. These are a list of writers from England. This interesting author loves the novel Old Filth by Jane Gardam. If you don't see your personal favorite author on this list, please add him! This novel records an epoch that Fitzgerald himself described as the "jazz age".

Authors by nationalities

Famous writers of fiction, arranged by country: Born 1929 in Czechoslovakia, Milan Kundera relocated to France. Multilingual novelist. This is Giannina Braschi (born 1953), Yo-Yo Boing! Nicolai Chernyshevsky (1828-1889), creator of What to do? Early Russian Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977), later also Lolita, in English. Kemal Orhan (1923-2015), playwright of Bek├ži Murtaza,

Best Crime Authors | Famous Secrets

The best writers of mysteries range from classical thriller writers like the brillant Agatha Christie to investigative writers like Robert B. Parker, Robert Crais and Beat crimes novelists like Jim Thompson. Compiling a complete list of the most loved thriller writers is a huge job, but I take a jump and give it a chance.

You can be sure to choose your favourite thriller writers and if your favourite is not on the list, join them! Several of the best detective writers are able to find just the right combination of the right phrase of mysterious mysteries and the right emotional suspense with the right facts. Some of the best detective stories have enough turns to keep the reader advised until the end.

It is not always simple to keep a criminal record interesting in a fast-paced reader's mind until the last page is turned over. Well-known writers on this list are writers who have published unbelievably engaging, amusing thrillers and investigative literature for the past few years, such as Robert B. Parker, John le Carre and Graham Greene.

Others, more modern criminality and more mysterious writers have evolved enormously famous personalities that the reader has been eager to discover through several books (examples, say? Several of the best detective writers were burning bright, but did not writing more than a few brillant detective stories (e.g.'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' writer Steig Larsson).

It' s not always the number of stories actually written that counts - it is the book qualitiy that makes the big deal! When you' re a mystery enthusiast, there' s a good chance that you've seen most, if not all, of the best mystery writers on the list. Hopefully, if you're just starting out in the game, this list will give you a good introduction.

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