List of Literary Agents looking for new Writers

A list of frahlings looking for new authors

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency (Suzy Evans) is looking for non-fiction for adults and children, MG feature films and YA films. The Helen Heller Agency, Canada, Barbara Berson is interested in literary fiction, non-fiction and YA. McLay Gill (Bath Literary Agency, UK) is interested in children's books. Rate her customer list and the publishers she has recently sold to. ("How to Submit" by Jennifer).

Madeline Miliburn.

I am Frahlingin and director of Madeleine Milburn Ltd, my own agent, which I founded in early 2012. I currently work with a broad variety of best-selling writers around the globe who write literary and pop literature, among them detective stories and mystery stories, emotional tension, literary, sophisticated women's literature, romanticism, high-concept, children's, youth and cross-over-illustrations.

I' m constructing a voice-controlled list and all the literary and business categories that I like. We are a UK frahlingur looking for new writers and accept entries. In person, we are reading everything that is presented to the Agencys if the directives are followed. Our team represents writers from all over the globe and also successfully reviews self-published and renowned writers.

So why our agency? Have a look at what our writers have to say about Frahlingur Madeleine Milburn. We' ll check all entries by e-mail. Deposits will no longer be accepted by mail - they will not be accepted or sent back. Manuscripts and summaries should be in Word and 1.5 or twice as large.

Do NOT submit an introduction e-mail asking if we want to see your work, as we will check everything that comes in. If other agents have ordered your full manuscripts or if you have an agency proposal, please let us know. Provide a business e-mail in which you present your work as you would formally cover it.

Include a one- or two-page summary and the first three sections of the script ONLY. For example, include your text in your e-mail in order to interest us in the film. Browse the back of your textbooks in the same section where you type for inspiration.

Don't throw your work into summary, as this should "tell" the narrative instead of "sell" it. Nonfiction is often suggested for sale, so your books do not have to be completed at the moment of filing with the agent. If you are presenting a non-fiction textbook projects, please send a cover note in which you introduce yourself and your work.

A suggestion and a 30-page specimen should also be included. It should contain the following information: This is what your work is about. You are well positioned to compose the text, with regard to your backgrounds and references or your specialist knowledge. Because of the large number of entries, we cannot provide personal feedbacks unless we are considering a representative.

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