List of International Publishers

International Publishers List

Atlanta Publishing Solutions, USA, American Publishers Association of American Publishers, USA, www.publishers.

org. Since the list of publishers in the respective groups is constantly changing, deviations may occur. Alternatively, you can view a list of book publishers by country by first selecting a country. All of our popular International Publishers T-shirts and hoodies are now available in red and black!

The list of publishers of PAL

Authors/illustrators must not have provided any royalties or fees for the work' published, marketed, edited and/or distributed or otherwise remunerated in any form. That would remove all publications of conceit and subsidies. Publishers (whether they publish conventional or new media) must go through a free editorship procedure for the author/illustrator before publish.

Publishers must release works by more than one writer and artist or by more than one member of their families. Publishers must have at least one complete list or have been in the bookshops of a major publishing house for at least one year. Whether it' s new or established publishing, the publishing house provides the author/illustrator with a free promotional tool.

To believe that your company qualifies for PGI certification, please complete the form below. We reserve the right to deny a promoter of Player if, after authorization, we determine that they no longer meet the requirements. As soon as you have been released by a publishers company, you must download the qualified products and click on the publishers in the dropdown list to make your state become APC.

Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd. Publisher Allegra Ltd. I' m Anvil Publishing, Inc. The Arcturus Publishing House Ltd. Shobo Aslan, Inc. Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd. The Brown Publishing Network, Inc. Cathnip Publishing Ltd. Piece of cake (International) Ltd. The Choubunsha Publishing Co, Ltd. The Crown House Publishing Ltd. The Ehonkan Publishers, Inc. The Fukuinkan Shoten Publishing House, Inc. GALORe-Park Publishng Ltd.

Publishing, Inc. The Hayakawa Publishing, Inc. HIGH-POINT Publishing, Inc. Hookusha Publishing, Ltd. Cottage, INC. The Hopscotch Educational Publishing Ltd. The Iwasaki Publishing Co, Ltd. Lawrence Hunt Publishing Ltd. O-Books Publishing Ltd. Kaisei sha publishing company ltd. Kazhiwashobo Publishing Co., Ltd. The Kingfisher Publications Plc. COGUMA Publishing Company, Ltd. Publishing house Kumon GmbH.

Mysumura Educational Co., Ltd. Noate Publishing Ltd. Street Publishing Co. L.L.C. Parragon Books Ltd. The Pemmican Publications Inc. Pappel publishing company ltd. P Sichogios Publications S.A. Psichogios Publications S.A. Quarto Children's Books Ltd. The Ragged Bears Publishing Ltd. About Ransom Publishing Ltd. Reader's Digest Children's Publishing Ltd. The Sailor Publishing Co.

Secaibunka Publishing, Inc. Shutter & Shooter Publishing House (PTY) Ltd. at Warren Publishing, Inc.

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