List of Independent Publishers

Independent Publishers List

and I looked through it and I found your list of the best independent book publishers. Most of the audience had never heard of independent publishers. IPG is the British Association of Independent Publishers.

Association of Independent Book Publishers

Locate a Producer, Designers, Editors, Distributors and/or other suppliers through IBPA's Suppliers & Services Discovery Database. They are all members of ippa, whose memberships demonstrate their commitment to the independent publishers group. Choose a search engine from the list below or click on the green "Next" at the bottom of the page to get a list of all providers in the folder without selecting a one.

Although we trust you will find this list of publishing partner companies useful, as with any recommended vendor or provider of support, we recommend that you directly get in touch with each of them to ensure that they meet your unique commercial requirements. ippa is not associated with any of the publishing house affiliates and does not support or warrant their consulting and information and/or their product and support offerings.

In order to become part of this list, just join the IBPA at the PUBLISHER PARTNER levels.

Kleine Pressen | Poets & Writers

The 2Leaf Press ist ein Impressum der Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. a non-profit organisation in New York that fosters multi-cultural writing and alphabetisation..... Mile Harbor Press strives to publish the best works of new and incumbent writers and is particularly interested in presenting a selection of works by the.....

West Presse is a publisher of literature, nonfiction, art and literature. 3: A Taos newspaper is a multi-cultural and ethical independent newspaper. As a rule, each of our volumes of poems has a topic. The 918studio is specialized in one-of-a-kind poetic and poetic literature. All of our texts are good and deserve to be seen.

An independent poetic literature, mainly disseminated under the imprintings Body Language (LGBT and Sexuality) and Fabula Rasa (Myth and Fairytales). We have released several books of poems and are now concentrating on fiction, shorts and cofiction. A mixed genre or collection of poetry: We tend to be lyric, eccentrical, ambivalent and fanciful in our work.

The Able Muse Press is a publisher of aspiring and renowned poet and writer as well as an anthology of poems, fictions and music. In addition, we periodically release printed copies of Able Muse. It is Ad Lumen Press's aim to release works of high aesthetic and/or literary value from aspiring artists of all styles and from all over the world, with particular focus on.....

Started in 1979 by Gary Metras, writer, tutor and presser, to produce and distribute brief compilations of top-notch, modern poems..... The ADELAIDE BOOKS, an impressum of Adelaide Literary Magazine, was established in July 2017 with the goal of promoting the publication of books, memorabilia and collection.....

In our Bolden Impressum we published literature, non-fiction and memoir of Afroamerican writers. In our Midway Impressum we published articles focusing on the Midwest. The Ahsahta Press is committed to astonishing, pertinent and approachable experiential poesy that avoids commercial small press; by..... The Airlie Press is a non-profit group of publishers devoted to the cultivation and preservation of modern poesy.

All of Pacific's nice and convincing textbooks..... AKASHAIC BOOK is a Brooklyn-based independent publication agency devoted to the publication of city literature and non-public literature by writers, either from..... Akashic is a Baltimore micropress specializing in handbound chapterbooks with a roomy/minimalistic/extreme taste, although we are looking for.....

Allabaster Leaves is for aspiring authors. Kelsay Books Verlag's masthead. Throughout the year we receive handwritten works with the goal of presenting the work of experienced poet. The AJB is a premier independent journal dedicated to the discovery and publication of extraordinary poems by aspiring and seasoned authors.

Media is an innovative force in this area,..... The Allbook Books was founded in 2002 for the publication of poems and other scripts that promote One-World-Consciousness and mutual understanding for different civilizations, life styles, sacred.....

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