List of good Authors

A list of good authors

The authors to watch, new authors to read, Best Woman-Authored Books, Best First Book by New Author, Best of Stephen King, YA novels by Go. Writers and Book Events - Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau - Site by Being Wicked. By using this website you agree to the terms of use. Thing is, there's so much out there - good and bad. It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, even with helpful reading lists.

Number of bestselling authors of literature

These are the best-selling authors in all languages. Whilst it is almost not possible to find accurate figures for a particular writer, the list is approximated figures provided or replicated by trusted resources. "Bestseller " means the estimate of the number of examples of all literature published or co-authored by an individual work.

In order to keep the list straightforward, only authors with an expected turnover of at least 100 million are used. Comics authors are not listed unless they have been printed in full-size (.e.g. cartoon-album or Tank?bon). Guinness World Records June 26, 2015 "Within less than two decade-long, the show has garnered an unbelievably dedicated fan base, selling an unbelievable 320,866,000 copies with 77 comics.

of 440 million examples of penny-ante illustrations published in the world." Today we find out through the website of the paper Asahi that the overall edition of Eiichiro ODA's ODA's Myangles One Piece is 440 million in all! Its 15 titles have more than 100 million units distributed worldwide..."

"The pseudonym of Professor Cha was Jin Rong for his 15 fighting art books, of which over 300 million books have been distributed to date. Though Professor Cha ceased to write Kampfkunstromans almost forty years ago, they are still in the press and have been transcribed into English, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other foreign tongues for his innumerable audiences around the world.

The number of titles he sells is expected to be as high as 300 million. A Far Eastern Economic Review journalist put that if you count the pirate copy, over 1 billion Cha titles were distributed. He has written fourteen stories and made numerous comics, TV shows and film.

"More than 240 million units have been sold." "MoMA en tournée avec l'auteur de la plus longue route Nicholas Sparks". The notebook writer Nicholas Spaarks is going to Wichita". her.

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