List of Famous Writers and their Books

A list of famous writers and their books

This pre-war spy thriller was written by a writer who was later shot for his role in the Irish Republic. He is a famous writer on a summer holiday in Venice. The Sobti spreads her net both wide and deep, and the result is wonderfully kaleidoscopic. You don't have to worry if your books are selling or not. Check out this list of famous authors who all fought for years before they had their big breakthrough.

Ages of 101 Famous Writers at the First Publication[Infographic]

When you are like us, you are always thinking about the daily work of some of the world's most famous writers. But in fact, even the most famous writers often fight long before they are public. A lot of publishers have a single wife or a single day's work ( "or both") and only begin to write in the middle of it all.

Even when famous writers were released, this did not always lead to discerning or business victories. A lot of the writers we see among the great ones have either been destitute or in debts. As we thought about the life of our favourite writers and their sometimes tedious fight for the arts, we began to investigate how old our favourite writers actually were when they were first out.

Have they been young writers? You wonder which works these writers actually released first? Have a look at the complete list of famous writers and their first large releases (marked with *). In order to identify the first releases for this list of famous writers, we first had to specify what we meant by "Hauptwerk".

We have generally decided to classify "Hauptwerk" as a theatre piece, novel, anthology of shortsh stories or poem series. Several of these famous writers have previously released smaller works, perhaps one or two stories; or a newspaper item or journalism; or a copy for an advertisement or marketer; or unpaid/unrecognized works for a fanzine or literature magazine run by their own family.

For example, Langston Hughes achieved instant glory for his very first individual poetry ever released by the NAACP, and JD Salinger similarly went out into the open with a singular novel in The New Yorker. And we also opted for "major work" because so many writers used pseudonyms in arcane papers and magazines that, as is well known, are hard to find.

A comprehensive list of 101 writers and their age at the time of their first release. What was the age of these authors that caught you by surprise? Any other writers we overlook? Take part in our weekly literature roundup to get the most important and pertinent literature updates every Tuesday at 10am.

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