List of Children's Book Publishers in India

A list of children's book publishers in India

Publishers of Indian books for kids you will be loving Own children's literature is not a new phenomena, but it certainly comes into its own. Featuring several publishing houses in India commemorating their 20th anniversary this year and a new accolade to mark the accomplishments of indie publishers, there has never been a better moment than now to buy top quality indie literature for the little ones.

Tulika, headquartered in Chennai, is one of the oldest children's publishers in the state. Tulika, with its slogan Many languages, Many voices, is best known for bi-lingual literature and publication in several Hindi tongues. Plus, their latest harvest of gender-neutral textbooks gets a thumb up from us.

At one point, ACK was the only publishing house for kids in India, and an entire generating was growing up with these comic books. Known for legend and folk tales, Amar Chitra Katha {who works out of Bangalore} also published Biographien {von Gandhi bis Jim Corbett}, Fabeln, klassische Literatur und Geschichten aus der indischen Geschichte.

From silk-screen printing of hand-printed book to scrolling book and fabric book, Tara has made experimentation with the shape of the book a byword. Chennai-based publishing house for kids from India is best known in the world: the Chennai publishing house for children: The book titles were distributed all over the world, and Tara even won the Best Children's Publishers Award {Asia} at the Bologna Book Fair in 2013.

In Chennai, another publishing house that celebrates its 20th birthday this year has been innovating from the very beginning and has even done pioneering work for India's audiobooks. There' s now a show of well-known storytellers named Will YouRead with me. The digital is a new way, and besides the wonderfully manufactured photo book, Karadi also has iPod applications and videos to be played on the computer.

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Bangalore's Little Latitude book (most of which are robust cardboard books) has a great look and feel. Founded in 2010 by Vinay Diddee and Neha Vasant-Diddee, the assortment began with clothing artwork, but quickly switched to music. Much of the book {including the latest publications What Can You Do with Red, Yellow and Blue and While I'm Away} was beautifully portrayed by watercolorist Prashant Miranda.

Here you can order the Little Latitude booklet. Eklavya's editorial program encourages this work, and Eklavya has some enchanting, affordable titles, among them Bumboo: Who Would Not Budget, who recently won the best tale {in the photo book category} at the first Hindu Young World-Good Book-Awards. We also offer a one-year certification course for illustrated work.

Here you can order Eklavya manuals on-line. To Pratham Bangalore - founded} all recognition to the nonprofit application "Bangalore Literature for his idea to get a product in the guardianship of all juvenile". For this purpose, it has created publications that are already commercially available from INR 4 and used the powers of corporate publishing to find "reading champions" willing to read in remote places across the country.

One of the latest innovations is StoryWeaver, an on-line portal with multi-lingual histories and illustration that allows everyone to view, compile and distribute the work. Here you can order Pratham catalogues on-line. Kapavriksh is a trusted environmentalist, and the passion for nature can be seen in his small list. Pickle Yolk is the new child in the kids book publisher community from Richa Jha's book reviews blogs Snuggle with Picture Block.

In 2013, the first publications were released, with The Unboy Boy making a splash for the handling of gender identities in the India situation. Colle Yolk Pickle Beauty is bound and there are soon three more tracks on the bookshelves. Zubaan Books' children's piano, Young Zubaan, has traced its origins back to 2004 and since then has released everything from storybooks to young adults fixtures.

Over the past few years, the list has earned a special fame for excellence in mid-range fantasy - which is always difficult to achieve. Rupa Publications, some of India's most famous writers, among them Samit Basu and Ruskin Bond, are writing for Red Turtle. The publishing house is aimed at 8-year-olds and older and offers novels, poems and novels as well as novels.

Plus, one of our most popular picture volumes from India - the beautiful alphabet of animals and birds by the author and graphic artist Prabha Mallya. An alliance between children's author Anushka Ravishankar and children's book publisher Sayoni Basu, Duckbill Basu, began in 2012 - to close the huge gaps in the India authors' book chapters and young adults' film.

The' hole' book row {the ledgers have a literal gap in the upper edge of the bookcase! Additional praise for the branch into little-explored topics such as psychological wellbeing, sex and particular needs, in textbooks such as Talking of Muskaan and Simply Nanju. Well-known as an art publishing house, Kolkata-based Seagull also has a small list for kids - characterized by a set of illustrations and stories by KG Subramanyan, which are as bizarre as they are disrespectful.

There are also Englishspeaks of well-known Bengali authors, among them Mahasweta Devi.

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