List of Canadian Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

Canadian publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

In case the press is interested in publishing your work, you may be asked to submit an author questionnaire with a list of previous publications, important statistics, etc. Publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts. is the best-known and best-known publisher of books about Atlantic Canada. We have a list of fiction, non-fiction and books for young readers. I will try to keep this list up to date.

Submission information for manuscripts

For manuscripts that you are interested in reviewing, please read our policy for adults and kids. What: The Lunenburg Library, 97 Kaulbach Street, Lunenburg N.S. What: The event will bring together more than 35 top Canadian writers, illustrations, story-tellers and musician, to bring their histories and talent together with any age.

In the following you will find our participating writers and titles that they can present: and from Clockwise Press, one of the publishers we distribute:


At the moment we accept unsolicited manuscripts. We' re a Canadian female journalist who publishes literature of particular interest to the female public. We have a list of young readers' literature, non-fiction and literature. Manuscripts are sought that deal with the manifold and multifaceted issues of girls' and women's life as well as with the issues of societal equity, variety and child emancipation.

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the previous publications of our work. Please submit your script according to the following directions if you think it matches our list. Are you an US writer or artist, you should consider mailing your work of art or your script to one of the many US publishers; we concentrate on Canadian writers (either citizen or resident Canadians).

There are seldom exemptions to this policy, which also applies to other internationally active writers and graphic designers. We do not release poems, anthropomorphic animal anthropomorphic poems, anthropomorphic animal anthropomorphic poems, romantic fiction, image rhymes or the like. Remember also that as a female journalist we are looking for non-sexist, non-racist and non-violent histories.

Entries | Coach House Books

Coaching House produces cutting-edge poems, fictional literature, dramas and selected non-fiction. No. We do not release children's literature, cookery literature, fantasies, historical novels, memoir, mysteries, sci-fi or self-help literature. Several hundred entries are received per year and we only take about ten. Please take the necessary amount of your submission to familiarise yourself with the titles on our list to ensure you are a good match.

Only Canadian writers are used. This is because most Canadian publishers, most of them Coach House included, are made survivable in part through subsidies from the federation and the provinces. Admission to these scholarships is conditional upon priority being given to the publishing of Canadian writers. We cannot release any book that has been previously released and provided with an ISBN (including ebooks), or that we ourselves release while it is being reviewed by Coach HouseBook.

We' ve found that presenting a book that's already on the shelves of the store is a big challenge for our sales and media work. In particular, we are encouraging members of various groups, among them tribal authors, color authors, disabled authors, LGBTQ authors and authors who relate to other marginalised groups.

To submit your literature, please submit your full script along with an introduction to your work, comparing it with at least two recent Coach House books that explain how your text would match our list, and a literature resume that lists your past releases and pertinent experiences. All of these should be included in one single document (Word or PDF).

To submit plays, please provide information on past and future plays in your introduction to the theatre. Please submit a short suggestion and a sketch together with your curriculum vitae for non-fiction entries, also for our explosion views. Unfortunately, we can only receive entries electronically. We' re not accepting any poems until further orders.

We kindly ask you to submit your manuscripts only once. Due to the amount of entries we are receiving, we cannot allow more than one entry (more than one paper at a time). In your covering note, please indicate whether your work is a concurrent entry (also filed with other publishers). Please inform us immediately if it is approved elsewhere.

We' re trying to answer quickly, but we've received several hundred entries, so it may take a few month for us to get back to you.

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