List of Canadian Book Publishers

Canadian Book Publishers List

Authors of the mid-list will simply go over to them in large numbers. Worker Ring Publishing (Canada) Poems, fiction, non-fiction online. They are our Canada Book Publishers. Conversations for interactive whiteboards. Save yourself the guesswork when searching for the right book for every child.

Publishers in Canada.

Showing 1 to 10 of 518 Canadian publishers. These are the list of all publishers in Canada. The Canadian Publishers List contains a list of Canadian publishers and Canadian service providers by categories. Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada is a music authors' community that protects the performance privileges of its members and members of its sister associations.

Professional publishing house that offers K-12, academic, professional, commercial and benchmark publishing solutions. The Nelson Training Ltd. is present in the Canadian K-12, Higher Training, Professional Learning, Business, Industry and Goverment market. Together we make a real difference in the Canadians' life by providing the highest level of product and service to them.

SCHOLASIC Canada Ltd. Canada's biggest publishers and distributors of children's literature. Pedagogical textbooks. B.C. and Canada breaking day to day cover sport, commerce, entertainment, editorial, column, article, reviews, classified messages. The University Affairs is Canada's most reliable information resource for the higher learning world. Edited by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), the quarterly journal and website provide unrivaled exposure to a faithful audience across all segments of today's university.

The University Affairs is also the biggest recruitment resource for those looking for a position in Canada. Recreational and sport related stories released every day. There are 518 publishers in Canada in the index.

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For more than 30 years On their website you will find commented directories of textbooks from their catalogues, an on-line order, a literature publishers headquartered in 1988, established in Vancouver, publish 8-10 new works every year, and a three-day novel competition Here you can find more information, sign up for this year's competition or order earlier winners' work.

headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., from 1971, and over 130 printed publications of her new publications, authors' profile, printed publications, entry rules, tour plans and order information published since 1971 (formerly Press Porcepic), she focuses on poems, literature and works for young adults and reads the biographies of authors, the entry rules or her Swifsure magazine.

"Somebody named us Canada's smallest multi-national publisher, a two-person publisher doing businesses in Canada and the United States. Obviously we are hoping to interest you in our literature, but on this page we mainly discuss other literature and other people.

For if we attract and retain your interest, you will not forgotten us" list of the title, as well as their onlinematerial. "Established in 1969, Black Moss Press is still a Canadian publishers devoted to the publication of works by Canadian writers and canvassers. "Canada's dramatic on-line resource", breaking press and event information, "expanded play" information and "a full series of indexes on all our pieces, whether single or in an Anthologie publish.

Organised by titles, dramatists, line-up size", home of The Journal of Canadian Poetry, Borealis Books (founded in 1972 to "promote and release new Canadian poets with significant talents and opportunities for growth"), and Tecumseh Press (founded in 1972 to release Canadian off-the-shelf playwrights and critiques about their work.

"Brewwater Booking Ltd. was established in 1973. His explicit aim was to release literature and material that preserve the singular cultures of Newfoundland and Labrador and the maritime states. It was his missions to found a publisher in St. John's that would meet the highest quality standard and use the education facilities in the area as a means to incorporate the wealth of Atlantic Canada's patrimony into curriculars.

"Brick Books' mission is to promote interesting, challenging and convincing works by Canadian writers, both new and existing..... Every year we release 6 new titles and 1-3 reprints." "In addition, we release small chapterbooks, some sound material, the journal New Muse of Contempt and eight to twelve textbooks per year. "CanBooks is a small Canadian publisher in the countryside of Saskatchewan.

"began in 1986, mainly as a poetic journal, began with one song this year and continued with about six songs per year. In 1989 Jan Geddes took over the management of the publishing house and moved the emphasis to literature fiction....with the occasionally cofiction. Since January 1, 1996, Cormorant has been working with Jack Stoddart of Stoddart Publishing Co.

Coteau and Coteau and Coteau and Coteau are two of the world's leading book publishers, located in Regina, Canada. We publish literature, poems, drama as well as a fast expanding list of high-quality children's and youth literature. "and biographical textbooks.

Specializing in novel, story and volume works, Killick Presse publishes literature, poetics and speaking-words. "is an up-and-coming company with a humble number of publications in the printing business. We publish and promote literature and poems by new and experienced authors.

We' re continuing our popular'Up Close' range, which focuses on architectonic details, historic stories, urban history, urban history and more. "Our non-profit media began in 1992 when Nicole Markotic and Ashok Mathur felt it was necessary in the Canadian poetry community to often release unsolicited parts in a format that was consistent with their music.

Although we do not have a catalog, we keep a mailinglist to keep up with our work. This year' s book can be sent to you if you provide us with your adress. "Duval House Publishing, Inc. "Imagine innovative textbooks about the characters, places, phenomenon and themes that are shaping our world.

We' re committed to the outside worid, from political to popular art, from poetic to perverted, to find new writings that are important.... to make available to you works that are challenging, provocative and moving.

  • has also a section on her essay on Canadian writing. "It is a literature journal interested in literature, poetics, criticism, the environment,'New Age' and Québécoiâ??s work of translation," says Damian Lopes: In 1999, when Lope's last index fingers were stamping his last release, he released literature, poems, concrete poems, poetic works, graphic poems, audio poetic text, found poets and rubber stamps, body stamps, typeswriters, crayons, graphite crayons, lettrasets, photocopies,

Ink-jet, linoleum and linoleum printer and computer, on stationery, cardboard, covers, 35mm transparencies, myllar and the web, by writers such as Nelson Ball, Christians Bök, iwcurry, MAC Farrant, Gerry Gilbert, bpNichol, David UU, Darren Wershler-Henry and Alana Wilcox. "The Gaspereau Press is a specialist publishing house located in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Gaspereau is a publisher of small print runs of interest to literature and the region, producing high-quality first print runs and hardback publications for the Canadian booksellers. "It is a literature publication with a particular interest in modern literature and poesy, as well as some non-fiction titles, among them arts, biographies, history, fisheries and tourist guide booklets and unconventional cooks.

" "is the most thrilling resource of alternate writings, fictional and popular cultural dangers on the web", information for publications, biography of authors... for web designing alone it' definitely deserves a look. Harbor Publishing Co. Ltd. was established in 1992 by Mike O'Connor. You have to be good story tellers, with new ways to tell stories, new ways to tell them, and new ways to tell them.

"Irwin is a 100% Canadian educational publisher covering all educational market from elementary to post-secondary. "Canadian Publishers " since 1906 This page contains a list of writers, new publications and hyperlinks to their Screech Owls and Canadian Encyclopedia CD-ROM pages.

"specialises in innovative literature and poetics, as well as non-fiction and mystery of murder" on Salt Spring Island, B.C., "specialises in wonderful books on poetics and prop, broadsheets and bookstores. Made-to-measure die-cutting, linocuts, embossing" website includes on-line catalog, order sheet and a photo with some hot push.

He has published five crime thriller serials under the title RendezVous Crime and is also the editor of children's novels and illustrated film. "The ITP Nelson is Canada's biggest education publishing house. We have been creating study material and multi-media resource for the education, commercial, consumers and public authority market for over 80 years, including catalogues and ordering information.

"Published specialist publications specialising in responsible economy, green designing and ecology, environment equity, opposition and fellowship, sustainability, feminist transition, gradual management and education and training resources". "Published literary and non-fiction works from West Canada that promote the publishing of volumes on the histories and societal issues of the Canadians of the West, as well as manuscripts, first novel and shorts by local canadians.

" The New Star Book Ltd. Published general commerce, with particular focus on political and welfare matters, historical, women's affairs, work histories, left-wing study and belletristics. "It is a Lithuanian journal that publishes novels, non-fiction, dramas and sometimes also poems and children's music. "This site contains children's novels by Canadian writer Allen Morgan and many free online novels and comics.

" "Publicises poems, novels, local histories, biographies, childrenâ??s music books and publications on Canadian politics, First Nations, Québec and NAFTA editions" with return list, editions, catalouges, submission guidelines and ordering information. "is a publisher and distributor of good book products for kids and grown-ups. Providing sales support for several Canadian publishers in the US and for several Canadian publishers in the Canadian market", review, submit information, order information, on-line catalog and link Publication of approximately 80 Canadian titles/year Site highlight new title, bookstore, authors' forums and catalog.

"Publication of poems, artwork book, childrens book and book on the North and the First Nations", catalog and on-line ordering, Playwright's Union of Canada-link. "According to editor-in-chief John Metcalf, the aim of the media is to become "the best damn literature media in the country".

" They are both thrilling novices in the literature world and experienced vets who produce their most sophisticated works", contains information about the author, the title, events, their catalog and much more information. "Published textbooks of local interest and textbooks on the ocean, sci-fi, literary title, life story and populace.

"Since 1960, about 100 publications per year have appeared in Kanada "on a broad spectrum of subjects, from business to the Internet". "Established in 1975, we are proud of the variety of our publications, which ranges from women's stories, sex policy, mental health, sex and religious violence, gender eroticism, female and legal sex, to unionized and unlearned racism," contains a list of old and new publications, writers, order information, and author readings on a week to week basis.

"The Ragweed Press produces young adults' illustrated and novel publications, literature, non-fiction and poems, gynaecology publications, literature, poetry, local histories, biographies and autobiographies, idea guides about Canada and occasionally children's book. Site with information on forthcoming activities, their catalog, submissions and orders.

"She is a Canadian female editor of literature, poems and theatrical works and plays about Canadians. Vancouver, Canada, 1967, produces writers of global format who write poems, fictions and dramas in literature as well as non-fiction on ethnic, ecological and societal topics.

Tytus Boks Ltd. "Publication of novel for grown-ups and paediatric readers with a focus on First Nations topics; First Nations histories, cultures, politics as well as upbringing. "PUBLISHED Canadian lyric, literary and non-fiction for grown-ups, young grown-ups and schoolchildren. "Published "new Canadian literature", mainly works by African, Asiatic and female authors and works with "international flair" as well as foreign books".

Publishing literature, lyricism, anthology, critique and non-fiction. Her new masthead Ravenstone, which focuses on enigma, noise, gothic as well as spectacular fictions, can also be found on this page. "Undererwhich releases works, chapterbooks, handmade issues and uncommon audio cassettes and CDs with cutting-edge music.

Editions, audiographies or Hag papers are used. Undererwhich is also distributing hard-to-get articles from other small publishers in regular and uncommon sizes across our underscores. And Editions is a truly singular company run by two committed writers, with the incidental involvement of a third party. "Since 1973, Montreals Véhicule Press has been publishing the best of Canadian and Quebec books - novels, poems, essays, translators and history of society", onlinefile and online chapter books.

"The WLU Press was found in 1974 and has made a name for itself in the fields of general education, local knowledge, ethnology, history, religion, visual arts, literary and sociological work. "Wolsak & Wynn Publishers Ltd. produces volumes of poems on all topics and in every stylistic variation.

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