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Twenty-nine recommended books by well-known authors, artists and thinkers: by Jorge Luis Borges, Patti Smith, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, David Bowie & More

As you know from this page, we often provide you with many such listings of renowned authors, performers, musicians, scholars and other masters of their field who have inspire thousands of young people. Today we have put together a list of suggested readings by authors like Jorge Luis Borges, musicans like Patti Smith, scholars like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, future scholars like Stewart Brand and many, many more.

Now, his list of 76 books is one of many such listings (including another by Brian Eno) for the "Manual for Civilization" of his Long Now Foundation, a collection designed to provide inspiration and information to the few smart men on earth in the case of a disastrous breakdown. See the full list of listings above.

Some of the tracks in each article refer to free available text or audiobooks available on line. And don't miss our list of 74 important books that " are highly regarded by a group of internationally renowned authors, performers and cuirators. If there are particularly good listings that are not listed here, please let us know in the commentaries - you think our reader would be well advised.

Ten books by Hindi authors you may have failed to read in 2016.

There are so many great books by Hindi authors that were also issued in 2016. It is also important, however, that India writers can post about anything they want - it can be a frustration when it looks as if the only books they publish are about those who are suffering from poverty in the shanty towns or countryside as well.

These are important histories, but they are not representatives of the greater Indiaaspora. I am enthusiastic about the books of India's authors, which were published in 2016, because of their reach - they didn't even have to be all of them. Look at all these fantastic books by Hindi authors that were published in 2016.... but don't miss to collect these 2017 publications when they are published this year!

The undertone of this romantic novel is much deeper than its beautiful front page would suggest. Signing the up-and-coming India dream: something better than her humble home, a higher-paid work, a private vehicle with a chauffeur, she thinks that all she wants in real estate is to do these things.

Reshma Kapoor, a drove high School graduate who will do anything to be successful, is shown in this comic-book. Reshma is a vision on paper: top of her grade, extra-curricular list a mill. Reshma himself, however, is a little.... hard. If Reshma chooses to compose a novel (because she is sure she will get her approval at Stanford), it will have unforeseeable results, even if Reshma tries to keep an eye on everything around her.

Romanaan Alam, a homosexual man from India, is writing a spot-on novel about two young New York City girls who build a link between the years after graduation and real adult life. What is notable about Sarah and Lauren is that they are both faulty, realist females, who are often unappealing (which is not usually permitted for females in literature).

It' s a tough line to go with your personalities, and Alam does it skilfully in his first novel. This is the 4th book in the show, which starts with Artifact, then Pirate Vishnu and eventually Quicksand. These books are great to read, with an unbelievable protagonist and really well-developed side actors. She has written exciting modern fiction with India wives, and this is no exeption.

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