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Les Amazing Adventures de Kavalier & ; Clay. Oscar Wao's short wondrous life.

Forty-nine books that everyone should be reading in their lives.

All these books, all this short work. When you are looking for a masters list of books that everyone should be reading during their lifetimes, this list is a great starting point. These are the books that stick with you, with icons, classic books, classic best sellers and life-changing non-fiction. This is Harper Lee's award-winning Pulitzer masterpiece of honour and iniquity in the far southern hemisphere - and a man's valor in the face of blinding and violence of hate, now available for the first eBook.

As one of the most beloved tales of all times, To Kirill a Mockingbird has been published in more than forty different tongues, more than thirty million films distributed around the world, has provided the foundation for a hugely acclaimed feature film, and has been chosen by libraries across the nation as one of the best 20th C. fiction series.

An enthralling, heartbreaking and entirely memorable story about growing up in a South that has been tainted by ferocious prejudices, she looks at a beautiful and wildly injustice -ridden young girl's eye - in a universe where her dad - a militant young woman attorney - is risking everything to protect a man who is wrongly charged with a horrible offence.

Winston, involved in a banned romance, finds the guts to join a clandestine revolution organisation known as The Brotherhood, devoted to destroying the party. Along with his dear Julia, he risks his own death in a mortal battle against the ruling forces. Markus Zusak's memorable tale about the book's capacity to nourish the spirit is the New York Times' exceptional best seller, which is now a great feature film.

She is a caring mother who lives outside of Munich and who scrapes out a meagre life through theft when she meets something she cannot withstand - books. Using her caregiver' s concertina, she teaches reading and communicates her books with her neighbours during bomb attacks and with the Jew hiding in her cellar.

The prizewinning writer Markus Zusak, writer of I Am the Messenger, has told us one of the most lasting tales of our times in an excellently designed, intense typeface. Brave New World, Aldous Huxley's Aldous Huxley Tower of Forces, is a dark satirical visions of a "utopian" tomorrow - in which people are cultured by genetic engineering and drugged to passive service of a dominant order.

Strong work of thoughtful and fictional speculation that has excited and frightened the reader for generation after generation, it has remained remarkable today, both as a caution to be considered on the road to the future and as a thoughtful, gratifying conversation. She is the hell for all slave, but especially for Cora; as an rejected one, even among her African fellows, she comes into femininity - where even greater pains await her.

Just like the Gulliver travel heroine, Cora meets different universes in every phase of her travels - hers is an odyssey through outer world. This gripping novel, which intrepidly stares into the chasm of bondage, turns life into a tale as mighty as the Exodus and as personal as a sleepy song.

Anthony Doerr, who has won many awards, is the New York Times' beautifully stunning ly telling best seller about a blank female Frenchman and a male female Frenchman whose ways meet in busy France as both try to overcome the destruction of the Second World War. Maria-Laure lived with her dad in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where he worked as a craftsman of a thousand floodgates.

At the age of 12, the Nazis occupied Paris, and fathers and daughters fled to the enclosed fortress of Saint-Malo, where Marie-Laures lonely great-uncles lived in a high seaside cottage. Werner is increasingly conscious of the costs of his intellect and journeys through the hearts of men and women to Saint-Malo, where his history and that of Marie-Laure meet.

Skilfully he interweaves the life of Marie-Laure and Werner and lights up the ways, in spite of all resistance humans try to be good to each other. Jane Austen's first movement, Pride and Prejudice, is one of the most frequently recited in literary works, telling the amusing and finally eternal story of real British company, tacit intention and genuine realism.

This is a classical book that skilfully sketches the subtleties of 19th centuries England's societal state, attitudes, and relational relationships that make all the Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy romance blossom. 50 years after its initial release, Catch-22 is still a pillar of US literary life and one of the hottest - and most famous - books of all times.

She has been voted "Best Novels" by Time, Newsweek, the Modern Library and the London Observer in recent years. Playing in Italy during World War II, this is the tale of the matchless simulating bomber Yossarian, a valiant angry bomber who is trying to murder a thousand men he has never known.

Here is finally the final issue of a classical book of global fiction. Launched in 1903, The Call of the Wild is an exciting border quest and a unique US tribute to the force of time. Klondike's history begins at the beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush, when skilled sleddogs are in great demand. Here's the game.

Firefighters set fire to his environment, where TV regulations and literary practices are on the verge of dying out, instead of extinguishing them. Monday never questioned the devastation and ruined his acts by going back every single working day to his dull lives and his missus Mildred, who spent the whole working days with her TV home.

" However, he then encounters an excentric young neighbour, Clarisse, who leads him into a past in which humans did not dwell in terror, and into a present in which one sees the real world through ideas in books rather than through the pointless gossip of TV. Begins to hide books in his house, and when his theft is detected, the firefighter must run for his living.

Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza fell deeply in love with each other in their adolescence. He will do so again fifty years, nine month and four day after declaring his affection for Fermina for the first time. A novel is published once in a lifetime that opens up a streak of universally shared experiences and reaches audiences of all age groups.

Lovely Bones is such a novel - a phenomenon best-seller No. 1, which is suddenly acclaimed for its storytelling skill, its brilliant clearness of emotions and its amazing ability to conquer the heart of tens of millions across the globe. Thus begins the tale of Susie Salmon, who has become accustomed to her new home in heaven, a place that is not at all what she was expecting, even though she watches as udder activity continues without her - her boyfriends exchange rumours about her vanishing, her murderer tries to hide his trail, her grief-stricken wife and daughter will disappear.

Once every few years, a novel appears that changes the life of its reader forever. The Alchemist has already become a contemporary classical, with more than one and a half million units selling all over the globe, and is widely acclaimed. Coelho's enchanting story, now available in English for the first of its kind, will captivate and delight an even broader readership across multiple genres.

Alchemist is the magic tale of Santiago, an undalusian young pastor who longs to journey in quest of a secular treasury as flamboyant as any other. Santiago finds its way there and the history of its riches tells us, as few others have done, about the fundamental sense of knowing how to listen to our heart, to follow the signs scattered along the way and, above all, to follow our own dream, the history of which changes with the four wind, according to who "tells" the tales.

While every women unveils her mysteries and tries to decipher the truths about her own existence, the threads get entangled more and more. He is a clever narrator who seduces the reader to dive into this mysterious and complex world. The A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a touching coming-of-age tale from the 1900s that follows the lifes of 11-year-old Francie Nolan, her younger brother Feely and her parent, Irishmen, who moved to the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn.

As Johnny passes away and Katie becomes expecting, Francie, wise, thoughtful and hopeful of something better, cannot believe that things can go on as before. Throughout the novel, Siddhartha, a young man, abandons his familiy for a contemplative lifestyle, then, restlessly, he throws them out of the meat for one. It is the beginning of his real existence - the beginning of sorrow, denial, peace and, ultimately, knowledge.

T. Eliot saw it as the "first step" in US literary history since Henry James; Mencken commended "the charms and beauties of writing" and Fitzgerald's keen sociological meaning; and Wolfe welcomed it as the "best work" of Fitzgerald to date.

Jay Gatsby's storyline of marvelously affluent Jay Gatsby and his affection for handsome Daisy Buchanan, from sumptuous Long Island partying at a times when the New York Times noted "gin was the nation's beverage and sexuality the nation's obsession", it is an exquisitely designed history of America in the 1920s that vibrates with the force of legend.

A memorable, heart-rending tale of the unlikely fellowship between a rich young man and the manservant's child, trapped in the storyline's dramatic course, The Kite Runner takes the reader to Afghanistan in a strained and decisive instant of transformation and devastation. It is a strong tale of fellowship, also about the might of readings, the cost of treachery and the opportunity of salvation; and an investigation into the might of our parents over our children - their loves, their victims, their lies.

Launched in 2003, Kite Runner has become a popular, unique classics of modern literary writing, reaching million readership and heralding the careers of one of America's most sought-after authors. The book depicts living in the former United States, now the Republic of Gilead, a monothecracy that has responded to societal turmoil and a sharp ly decline in the birth rate by resorting to and going beyond the oppressive intolerance prevalent among the Puritans.

Offred, one of the unhappy maidservants under the new society, tells the tale through his own eye. Trying to save her sister Nettie from a similar destiny, while Nettie flees into a new African missionsary career, Celie is abandoned without her best girlfriend and confidant, marries an older admirer, and is condemned to a single lifetime with a hard and violent man.

Trying to transscend a way of living that often seems to endure too much, Celie begins to write to God directly. Shug Avery, her husband's lover and jazzsinger's lover, and Sophia, her stepson's woman, meet to challenge her to struggle for freedom. Praised as a Literary Work of Art, this is the ground-breaking novel that brought Walker "into the society of Faulkner" (The Nation) and continues to be a gripping - yet intensively elevating - adventure for new generation of readership.

Howard's interpretation of the popular classical music wonderfully mirrors the singular and talented styles of Saint-Exupéry. Howard, a celebrated writer and one of the outstanding contemporary interpreters, has set himself the task of making the French as accessible as possible to the text in terms of French speech, writing and, above all, writing. This final English-language issue of The Little Prince combines Richard Howard's translations with refurbished artwork and will make the heart of the reader of all age groups beat faster.

The most important and consistent book of the twentieth centuries, Their Éyes Were Watching God, evokes a Mediterranean romance of humor and emotion found only in the writings of Zora Neale Hurston. Nearly 30 years out of stock - mainly due to the first audience's disapproval of the powerful dark heroine - Hurston's classical novel has been perhaps the most widely distributed and praised novel in the history of Afro-American fiction since its new edition in 1978.

Extremely gifted and gifted, Esther Greenwood has been a success, but he's gone under gradually - perhaps for the last one. The Bell Jar is a profound immersion into the deepest and most shattering parts of the mortal mind, representing an exceptional achievement and a vivid U.S. classical. Slaughterhouse Five, an american classical, is one of the great anti-war books of the whole wide range.

Billy Pilgrim's bid to focus on the notorious Dresden incendiary bomb mirrors the mythical voyage of our own broken life as we seek significance in what we feared most. The Left Hand of Darkness encompasses the facets of psychological, social and emotional life in a foreign environment and is considered a milestone in the history of sci-fi intellectuals.

The Elizabeth Gilbert Love touches the globe and changes innumerable lifetimes, inspired and empowered billions of readership to seek their own best self. By the early 1930s, Elizabeth Gilbert had everything a contemporary US citizen should wish for - a man, a cottage, a prosperous job - but instead of happily fulfilling herself, she was plagued by fear and anxiety.

It is the history of how she inherited all these external traces of triumph and began to investigate three different facets of her natural life against the background of three different cultures: joy in Italy, dedication in India and on the Bali Islands of Indonesia, a equilibrium between secular indulgence and godly transendence.

"Genuine citizenship does not mean we have to alter who we are. "Brené Brown, LMSW, sociologist, PhD, initiated a worldwide discussion about the experience that gives our life sense - experience of bravery, fragility, love, affiliation, embarrassment and compassion. Brown's characteristic blend of research, story telling and sincerity will once again transform the way we talk about culture, while at the same time providing a clear way to truly belong.

Somebody older, tolerant and prudent, who understands you when you were young and seeking, gave you help to see the earth as a deeper place, gave you good advices to help you find your way through it. Maybe, like Mitch, you missed the overview of this psychic on your way, and the insight was fading, and the outside seemed to be getting cooler.

Do you not want to see that one again, ask the larger issues that still persecute you, get your own knowledge for your bustling lives today, as you once did when you were younger? During the last few month of the older man's lifetime, he re-discovered Morrie. Tuesday with Morrie is a magic chronology of their shared times, through which Mitch divides the enduring gifts of Morrie with the rest of the galaxy.

As Jeannette's bright and charming dad was austere, he conquered his children's imaginations and taught them science, geography and how to accept their lives without fear. This glass lock is truly amazing - a memory steeped in the intensive loving of a strange but faithful ancestor. Henry David Thoreau retired from social circles in 1845 to lead a natural existence.

The result was Walden, a memory that brought the forest around the Walden pond to live and recorded Thoreau's two years of self-sufficiency and self-observation. Featuring such varied themes as economical autonomy and religious illumination, these essays have become a trademark of transcendental Americanism. The Cage Bird Sings capture the longings of solitary kids, the raw insults of bigotry and the wonder of words that can put the whole can.

The Maya Angelou's début memory is a contemporary US classical that is popular all over the world. Many years later, in San Francisco, Maya finds out that loving herself, the friendliness of others, her own powerful mind and the ideals of great writers ("I meet William Shakespeare and fall in Love with him") will allow her to be free instead of in prison.

I know, poetically and powerfully, why the cage bird songs will move your heart and your mind as long as you are reading. By donating $25,000 in saved money to charities, giving up his automobile and most of his property, burning all the money in his purse, and inventing a new self.

McCandless's death is the memorable history of Into the Wild. That'?s Anne's file from that year. The Diary of a Young Girl is a classic tale that has been uncovered by every new era and is like no other. She will continue to awaken to life for young reader and adult this young lady who for a period endured the most terrible terrors the contemporary society had seen - and who throughout her torture stayed triumphant and heart-rendingly manly.

Featuring an adventurous story, humorous humour and a celebratory party, A walk in the woods has become a contemporary traveller's work. Returned by multiple request - and recently refreshed by the writer - the best-selling Marianne Williamson spirit ual leader in which she shared her thoughts on A Course in Miracles and her findings on the practice of loving in the quest of inner harmony.

As Williamson revealed, we can all become miraculous healers through the acceptance of God and the manifestation of our charity in our everyday life. No matter if psychological distress lies in the area of relationship, careers or good fortune, it shows us how strong the power of loving is, the keys to inner harmony, and how through the practice of charity we can make our own life more fulfilled and at the same time create a more tranquil and caring environment for our kids.

Grey's Anatomy and Scandal's mega-talented creative director and How to Get Away With Murder's executive executive producer, How to Get Away With Murder, tells us how YES has transformed her and your lifestyle for a year - and how it can transform yours. Shonda Rhimes tells the year of Yes the power of Yes on every part of her live - and how we can all make a difference in our own lifes with one little thing.

A chronicle of Jack Kerouac's years on the road with his boyfriend Neal Cassady, "a side-burned western champion of the snow-covered West," travels the United States. Kerouac's passion for America, his sympathy for humankind and his appreciation of speech as music make On the Road an inspiring work of enduring significance.

Kerouac's classical novel of liberty and desire defines what he calls "beat" and has been inspiring every single genre since it was first published more than fifty years ago. If breath becomes air chronics Kalanithi's Kalanithi's transformations are "possessed" by a naive medicine undergraduate, as he writes, "by asking what, since all organism dies, makes a virtueful and significant life" in a neuro surgeon at Stanford works in the brains, the most crucial place for man's innate personality, and eventually in a patients and new fathers who faces his own deaths.

In the face of dying, what makes a lifetime liveable? And what do you do when the present, no longer a leader to your aims in your lives, is transformed into an eternal present? When another dies, what does it mean to have a kid, lead a new one? If we knew it was our last opportunity, what kind of knowledge would we convey to the rest of the earth?

The importance was to overcome barriers, to satisfy the dream of others, to seize every instant (because "time is all you have.... and one will find out that you have less than you think"). But Malachi - angry, unaccountable and bewitching - nourishes Frank's hunger for what he can offer: a tale.

Franc is living for his father's stories about Cuchulain who rescued Ireland, and about the angel on the Seventh Step who is bringing his dam infants. Maybe it's the history that's responsible for Frank's survivors. Frank wears lumpen for nappies, begs a pig's hair for the Christmas meal and collects charcoal from the side of the road to ignite a fire, endure misery, famine and the unconstrained ferocity of neighbours and relations - and yet still survives to tell his own narrative with enthusiasm, excitement and extraordinary forgive.

Angela's Ashes, filled on every page with Frank McCourt's amazing humour and sympathy, is a splendid novel that carries all the traces of a classical musician. It can be hard: your beloved betrays you; you loose a member of your household; you can't afford the bill - and it can be great: you had the sexiest time of your whole live; you get this prune work; you have the guts to compose your novel.

Bringing the best of Dear Smugar to one place, with previously unpublished articles and a new intro by Steve Almond, Tee Beartiful Things is the latest in a series of new and exciting features. Full of humour, insights, compassion ý and total sincerity ý this novel is a balsam for everything else in our lives. Ta-Nehisi Coates provides a mighty new frame of reference for our nation's historical comprehension and present crises in a deep work that ranges from the greatest issues to America's histories and ideals to the most private concern of a parent for his child.

Ta-Nehisi Coates' effort to respond to these issues in a prayer to his youthful boy is between the worlds and me. Together with his boy - and his readership - Coates tells the tale of his emergence for the reality of his place in the universe through a range of revealing experience, from Howard University to the battlegrounds of the Civil War, from the south side of Chicago to Paris, from his parental home to the homes of women whose children's life was taken as a pillage by America.

Between the World and Me, a beautiful weave of personality narration, re-invented story and emotional, new reporting, Between the World and Me clearly sheds light on the past, vividly confronting our present and offering a transverse visions for a way forward. Stephen Hawking's novel, a milestone in the scientific work of one of the great brains of our day, examines such deep issues as :

ls there always a passing of times? A brief story of our times dives into the spheres of dark cavities and curds, of anti-matter and "arrows of time", of the Big Bang and a greater God in a speech that we can all comprehend - where the opportunities are wonderful and surprising. Stephen Hawking uses thrilling imagery and deep fantasy to bring us close to the final mysteries at the core of our work.

NASA's phenomenon real history of NASA's dark lady maths researchers, whose computations contributed to promoting some of America's greatest accomplishments in orbit. A group of extraordinarily gifted afroamerican females, some of the smartest heads of their generations, were among these solutions. Initially referred to as mathematics instruction in separate Southern government colleges, they were put into operation during the manpower shortage in World War II, when the U.S. aerospace community desperately needed someone who had the right gear.

All of a sudden, these missed maths spirits had a chance at a job fit for their abilities, and they followed Uncle Sam's call and moved to Hampton, Virginia and the intriguing, energetic Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory. Hidden Figures begins in the Second Word War and moves into the Cold War, civil rights movement and space race. Hidden Figures follows the woven reports of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden, four Africa Americans who have been involved in some of NASA's greatest achievements.

Describing their career over nearly three centuries in which they challenged themselves, formed alliance and used their minds to transform their own life and the futures of their people. Selling over 25 million units in over 40 different tongues since its first release, this unique title helps continue to help billions of consumers become more efficient in their private and business life.

It is one of the few books that has impacted governors, chief executives, education professionals and people around the globe, not only to enhance their business and career, but to thrive with respect for personal privacy, honor, service, honor and prosperity. "and I don't focus enough on the things that really matters.

The New York Times' epic best seller recounts a gripping tale of the clash between ethical, racial and medical, of science discoveries and belief and of a daugther consumpted with issues about a mom she never knew.

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