List of Book Publishing Companies

Publishers list

These are a list of English-speaking book publishers. This includes imprints of larger publishing groups that may have resulted from business combinations. A list of book publishers worldwide. Browse our directory by country, city or topic and find the contact details of the individual book publishers. We have compiled a list of Christian publishers to help potential authors get started.

Lists of English-speaking book publishers

These are a list of English-speaking book publishing houses. These include reprints of large publishing groups that may have resulted from corporate combinations. These include among others academia publishing houses, handbook publishing houses, publishing houses for the book retail industry (both for grown-ups and children), publishing houses of religion and small publishing houses. This list contains publishing houses that no longer exist.

Not included are companies that are solely printers/manufacturers, book publishers (publishing and distribution companies for book sales for a fee) or book packers.

Book publishers in India

This is a validated & extensive list of India's established publishing houses to help you have all the information you need in one place. The Aleph Book Company is an independant publishing house established in May 2011 by David David Davidar in cooperation with R. K. Mehra and Kapish Mehra of Rupa Publications India.

Latest Bestseller (Top Five according to Nielsen Bookscan data): Buisssutra: A very Hindi approach to the management of Devdutt Pattanaik; Introduction: The Grapevine India is one of the fastestgrowing specialist book publishing houses in India. Latest Bestseller (Top Five according to Nielsen Bookscan data): From Course I Love You: Till I Find Someone Better by Durjoy Dutta and Manvi Ahuja; Till the Last Breath by Durjoy Dutta; Genres: Indigenous Fiction, Travelogues, Memoir, Biography, Inspiring Tales, Contact:

Bangalore, Grey Oak India, Tel. No.: +91 80 40600963;, Top Five bestsellers according to Nielsen Bookscan data: Hachette India, Gurgaon, Tel.: +91-124-4195000; Introduction: This is one of the biggest publishing houses in the whole wide globe. He is a leading global provider of self-help and transformation publications. She dedicates herself to the publication of textbooks that revitalize the spirit, bodies and souls.

The New Beginnings Press, Princess Books, Smiley Books et Balboa Press. Latest bestsellers (Top Five according to Nielsen Bookscan data): The Manjul Publishing Company Pvt Ltd is a publishing company in Bhopal, India. MLLBD is a premier publishing company for Sanskrit and Indology in India since 1903. New Delhi Tel: +91-11-2327 8877; Introduction:

He began publishing high-quality children's literature, then dared to publish papers and launch Sunday May and finally literature and non-fiction. Legend is world-wide prominent in its selected scientific, pedagogical and vocational range of marketing. The Scholastic Corporation is the world's biggest publishers and distributors of children's literature and a leading provider of education-technologies.

Westland, a fullyowned subsidiary of Landmark, is a merger of the two companies EastWest and Westland Boooks, which formed Westland in April 2008. Distribution Partners:UBS Publishers' distributors Pvt Ltd.

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