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American Publishers List

HAMHISH Hamilton - a part of Penguin Books (UK) Harbor Mountain Press. The Harcourt Assessment - formerly the Psychological Corporation; now part of Harcourt Education. To view a sorted list of publishers and imprints, click a letter or number. Here is a list of publishers who publish translations or specialize in publishing translations.

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The list is sorted in alphabetical order of the publisher's first name as it is published on the cover of Afro-American literature and brochures. Dates in parentheses indicate the date of the first article known to have been published by this publishing house or the first article found by this publishing house in the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archive and Rare Book Library of Emory University.

Attempts were made to input all variations of the publisher's headings as they appear on the cover page. There are no scores or series. Remark: (Joyce) in quotations relates to information by Donald F. Joyce, Gatekeepers of Black Culture (1983) and Black Book Publishers in the United States (1991).

A. M. E. Zion Publication House (Charlotte, NC)[1901] New installation from 1911, at which the name of A. M. E. Zion Book Concern was altered to A. M. E. Zion Publication House. Second and Brevard Street, Charlotte, NC 28231. 1797 ] The Academy (Washington, DC) published by the American Negro Academy. AgaSha Productions (Detroit, MI)[1970] Established by Agadem and Schavi Diara.

The American Negro Academy (Washington, DC)[1897] Released 22 random works and one work. The Balamp Publishing Company (Detroit, MI)[1971] Established by James M. Jay, micro biologist at Wayne State University, specializing in bio. The Beaver Books (Washington, DC)[1966] Established by Joseph T. Beaver, Jr., P.O. Box 56, Washington, DC 20044. Acquaintance with William K. Bell Publications (New York)[1948] P.O. Box 308, College Station, New York 30, N.Y. Black Academy Press (Buffalo, NY)[1970-1975] by Sebastian Okechukwu Mezu.

Publications and the Colloquium's review. Joyce: Hired in 1975 (Black World, March 1975, p.74). One of the most important publications in the field of music is the Baltimore, MD in 1978 ] by W. Paul Coates. Born in 1973 by Willie Lee Morrow, it is a company of San Diego's name. One of Eugene Redmond's founding members, Eugene Redmond's publisher, in 1971.

B. J. Brimmer Company (Boston, MA)[1922] Established by William Stanley Braithwaite. Anthroposophical Church (New York, NY)[1923] African Orthodox Church, editor. The Church Advocate Press (Baltimore, MD)[1914] George F. Bragg, Jr., Cofounder. Coleman's Publicist (Philadelphia, PA)[1961] Joseph E. Coleman, Founding Director. The Colored Co-operative Publishing Company (Boston, MA; New York, NY)[1900-1909] Colored American Magazines in 1900-1903 (Boston); journal relocated to New York in 1904-09.

Publishes a work. Comittee of Colored Gentlemen (Boston, MA)[1849] Released a work. D. Davenport (Los Angeles, CA)[1982] Established by Doris Davenport. D. Ruggles (New York, NY)[1834] See also, David Ruggles. D. Walker (Boston, MA)[1830] See also, David Walker. Forwarded by David Ruggles (New York, NY)[1835] See also, D. Ruggles.

Printed for the author (Boston, MA)[1829] See also, D. Walker. You Bois and Dill, Publishers (New York, NY)[1910] W.E.B. Du Bois and Augustus Granville Dill, foundr. Publishes a work. E. T. Tindley (Philadelphia, PA)[1941] Elbert T. Tindley, editor. {\a6} (Chicago, IL)[1926] Publishes a work. Commencement of the magazine Free Lance Press (Cleveland, OH)[1952], Free Lance in 1952.

The Golden Stair Press (New York, NY)[1931] Established by Langston Hughes and Prentiss Taylor. 1650 Broadway, New York 19, NY. 17 ] 34 Western 13th Street, New York (New York, NY)[1922] 34 United States. Jospehosephus Robinson (Chicago, IL)[1947] Established by Josephus Robinson, 5720 Indiana Ave.

The Jubilee Press (Oak Park, IL)[1992] Established by Amos P. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy & Sons, Fine Printers (Bloomington, IN)[2001] Established by Amos P. Kennedy, Jr. Mary Jane Randolph, editor and wife of Paschal Beverly Randolph (Utica, NY)[1863]. Tony Martin, Founding Director of The Majority Press (Dover, MA)[1983].

Orion Publishing Co. The Pageant Press, Inc. 101 Fifth Ave. New York 3, NY. PILKINGON & RANDOLPH (San Francisco, CA)[1861] Released The Grand Secret by Paschal Beverly Randolph. The Sunday School Publishing Board (Nashville, TN)[1915] Gegründet als Sunday School Publishing Board der National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

Name of William K. Bell Publications (New York, NY)[1948] Postfach 308, College Station, New York 30, N.Y.

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