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A Linux Ebook

This is a list of the best and most useful free Linux tutorials to become a power and expert user. These evergreen Linux tutorials and e-books are all free. Have I failed to install a good and high quality Linux tutorial and learning e-books?

Twenty-five free textbooks to study Linux for free

That' s why I am sharing with you the best way to get Linux for free. It is a compilation of web sites, on-line videos and free eBooks. Learning Linux? Perhaps the most frequently asked questions in our Facebook group for Linux people. Answering this simple-looking issue of how to study Linux isn't that easy.

The problem is that different folks have different connotations of Linux. Anyone who has never worked with Linux, whether on the commandline or on the desk top, may wonder if they want to know more about it. Anyone who uses Windows as a Desktop but needs to use the Linux commandline at work may be interested in studying Linux instructions.

When someone has used Linux sometimes and is familiar with the fundamentals, but he/she may want to go to the next stage. When someone is only interested in finding their way around a certain Linux distro. When someone tries to enhance or teach bash scripts, which is almost the same as the Linux commandline.

When someone is ready to make a Linux sys admin or is trying to enhance their mysadmin-abilities. As you can see, the response to "how do I study Linux" will depend on what kind of Linux expertise you are looking for. To this end, I have gathered a lot of free Linux resource that you can use to study Linux.

This free resource includes eBooks, videocourses, web sites, etc. These are subdivided into subcategories so that you can find what you are looking for when you want to study Linux. For a Linux SysAdmin role, I suggest a Linux Foundation professionally certified by The Linux Foundation, the organisation that hires Linux author Linus Torvalds.

They can also test some cheap Linux classes on Udemy. Here again, there is no best way to study Linux. It' up to you how you want to study Linux, through web sites, e-books, video and more. Let's see how you can study Linux. I know that the resources cited here are the legal ones.

Maybe you have just learned about Linux from your buddies or from an on-line debate. You' re fascinated by the Linux frenzy and overpowered by the huge amount of information available on the web, but you just can't find out exactly where to look for more about Linux.

I recommend attending the free Linux Foundation course on edX if you have no clue what Linux is and what you want to do with it. Think of it as an offical course of the organisation that'maintains' Linux. And, yes, it is supported by Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux itself.

However, this little website is the ideal place for pointless Linux beginner lessons. Thanks to the Linux Training Academy, this excellent eBook is available free of charge to It' s favorite people. This free Linux eBook is designed for complete novices and gives you a fast review of Linux, popular Linux instructions and other things you need to know to get up and running with Linux.

It is a free eBook for Linux newcomers. This eBook begins with an explanation of what Linux is, and then continues to offer more convenient use of Linux as a workplace. The latest copy of this eBook can be downloaded from the following link: In this section you will find the Linux eBooks that are'complete'.

I mean, these are like academical manuals that concentrate on every aspect of Linux, most of it. They can be either beginners or advanced Linux users. Introductory to Linux is a free eBook from The Linux Documentation Project and it is one of the most free Linux manuals out there.

Although I think some parts of this manual need updating, it is still a very good guide for teaching you about Linux, its filesystem, the commandline, the network and other related things. The free eBook by Paul Cobbaut tells you about the story and install Linux and concentrates on the basics of Linux instructions you should know.

Like the name says, this is for experienced Linux developers who want to or are developing Linux based applications. When you think you know enough about Linux and are a professional, why not build your own Linux distributions? From Scratch ( "LFS") is a program that provides a step-by-step guide to build your own Linux system, completely from scratch.

Name it DIY Linux, but this is a great way to take your Linux experience to the next stage. Linux's true strength is in the commandline, and if you want to take Linux by storm, you need to master Linux commandline and shell-scripts. Indeed, if you have to work on Linux client in your work, a good understanding of Linux commandline will actually help you in your work and perhaps help you in promoting your careers as well (as you will be more efficient).

This section shows various Linux instructions for free eBooks. The Linux Documentation Project's eBook is a good place to start with the Linux commandline and familiarize yourself with shell-scripts. It is a free eBook to be downloaded from GNU. The 175-page volume deals with a number of issues surrounding the Linux commandline in Bash.

These over 500 pages of free eBook from William Shotts is the MUST for everyone who is serious about getting to know the Linux-commandline. If you think you know things about Linux, you'll be surprised how much this volume still shows you. I' m betting after you read this one you' ll be a much better Linux reader.

So if you just want to get into bash scripts, this might be a good guide for you. This eBook is again the Linux Documentation Project and it is the same writer who has written the introduction to the Linux eBook (see above in this article). There are over 900+ pages of various more sophisticated instructions and their samples in this volume.

The Geek Stuff's 270-page eBook gives you the basics of Linux instruction set with easy-to-understand hands-on tutorials. In this section you will find materials devoted to a specific Linux installation. We have seen Linux in general, focusing more on filesystems, instructions and other nuclear materials.

However, these manuals can be described as a handbook or first steps for various Linux distributors. So, if you are using or plan to use a particular Linux installation, you can point to these sources. And, yes, these are more geared towards the Linux desktops. I' d like to say that most Linux distributors have their own widget or own documentations, which are often very extensive.

Unnecessary to say that this eBook is for Ubuntu-User. It is an independant Ubuntu handbook available as a free eBook. This is how you get to know the UNITY desk top, how to get around it and find apps, etc. This is a very simple eBook that concentrates on Linux Mint. This tutorial shows you how to setup Linux Mint in a Linux VM, find Linux operating systems, update and customise the Linux Mint Desk.

The eBook can be downloaded via the following link: It was the offical handbook of Solus Linux, but I can't find it on the website of the Solus project anymore. Anyway, something about Solu Linux won't really do any harm, will it? I' ve put together a list of free eBooks for SysAdmin that will certainly help anyone who is or wants to become a SysAdmin.

You should also concentrate on the main Linux commandlines, as this makes your work easy. When you use Linux for your server, this is your scripture. It begins with the story of the Debian, the install, the packages, etc. and continues with LAMP, VMs, memory and other central themes.

In this case, Linux commandline skills are required. One more free eBook from Paul Cobbaut. This 370-page eBook includes the areas of network-ing, disc managment, usermanagement, kernel managment, libary managment etc. Another eBook by Paul Cobbaut from A SysAdmin' s job is to network, and this Paul Cobbaut work is (...) a good diction.

Paul Cobbaut's handbook (yes, he again) describes in detail how to manage disks under Linux and presents many other memory technology. It is the last eBook of Paul Cobbaut in our listing here. Do you prefer Linux teaching materials? This is a good compilation of free Linux eBooks, I know.

And if you have other ressources that could help you learn Linux, please let us know.

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