Life Story Writing for Seniors

Writing life stories for seniors

Here it is important to tell your life story. Get to know the basics of writing and sharing your memories. You can either tell or write about the lives of older people. Would you like to write about your life, someone else's life, life in general? Then, the life letter is your genre.

Senior citizens writing tales from their lives - tools and tactics for authors

Like I wrote in other articles here, I am teaching boomer and seniors to tell tales of their being. The lessons are touching, thrilling, exciting and lots of enjoyment - because these are the tales that the pupils are writing. If recent undergraduates tell me they have this unexplained desire to talk about their life, but don't know what to talk about, I suggest they take a look at My Legacy is Simply This, a novel with brief articles by seniors who live in different parts of Boston.

Whatever your ages, these are tales you'll love. One of my favourites is the story of his perilous carreer, told by William Boyle, a former firefighter. Also Boyle discusses overcoming it by breathing fire fumes and asking his spouse how he was in the clinic if he would give up the work.

But since his work was one of the loved ones of his life (his was the other one), he said "No" to her and went back to work as soon as he could. The Dorothy Parks is a lady who is living every single working night as if it were her last, due to the dangers she was exposed to on her journeys, be it by rail, boat or plane.

If you have considered writing down the tales of your own life, I trust you will find the following contributions useful. If you have writing hints and ressources, please join me on Twitter @lynettebenton.

Write a Life Story for Your Elderly Beloved Person| Right at Home International Franchise

Having lived a full, adventure and sometimes even common to everyday life, an older grown-up may wish to divide his or her autobiographic reflection on life and the singular voyage of life through the years. A grown-up may also want to give the notes of his forefathers, which have been kept over the years.

Catching a whole life story or the historic notes of your beloved ones can make you overwhelmed; the following proposals can help. Invite your beloved ones to exchange life histories by asking general questions: You can tell me about your adult years (birthplace, members of your relatives, best reminiscences of your youth, home(s), etc.).

Proceed with similar issues for each decennium or phase of life. A practical way for older people to tell life stories: Divide your story into brief themes, such as a memorable vacation or a favourite work. Have a pen and journaling instrument ready or take a note on a computer, spreadsheet computer or cell telephone.

Take an on-line life story writing course or visit a community based workhop. Ask the library and dormitories about the possibilities available. Invite a computer literate member of your extended household or boyfriend to put together your sweethearts' histories and biographic notes into a self-published photo and other mementos.

It will be a valuable present for members of the whole household and new supplements for future generations. What's more, the books will be a valuable addition to the whole world. Which hints can you give to help an aging beloved person to tell life-story?

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