Life Story Writing

Writing the life story

The Book of My Life writes biographies and memoirs for ordinary people. More and more people have decided to write a life story, autobiography, memoirs or personal history. FROM THE PLANNING TO THE PUBLICATION. BEST COURSE CHOICE for all who have a life story to tell! Biographers write your life story and produce books for your family, your business or for publication.

We' ll turn your life story into your personal biography.

Interviewers record all meetings and help with the selection of photos for the work. Recording is created by a ghost writer to a script that is reviewed by our staff on a regular basis in agreement with the man. Following a last check and the signature of the writer, our staff will ensure that the tales, photos and reminiscences are combined into a handsome  LifeBook?

Why are you writing your life story?

What are you writing your life story for? Were you terrified - an injury or a healthcare disaster - and did you understand how vulnerable life really is? This legacy also encompasses the tales you part. It' led story telling. To take on a biographical creation is ideally great, but it' s not realistic. "at the Blah Blah Clinic at 8:20."

Suppose you have a thoughtful, award-winning author who is a skilled moderator who leads you? I' ll tell you some naughty quips here and there, but I'll take you through preparatory issues and great topics that will help get you started writing. You are writing about central experience, important stories, periods that have made a big impact on who you are and who you have become.

Best of all - you type briefly, quickly..... simply! You' re making a nice glass of warm tee or taking a Starbucks Frappuccino, making yourself comfortable and writing two pages at home about a topic I've given you. And then you get the story into school. In the first lesson or two, I will be sharing information with you to help you promote your memory, to hear what research says about this whole thing and how precious writing life stories is.... and to feel the strength of this work.

Then, divide your story loudly with a supporting group in a secure, welcoming setting. You don't have to be a novelist to tell these tales. You can of course work on and improve them later, but now you can simply use them! You are on your way to writing a full-fledged life story with yourself.

You will make life-long acquaintances on this trip and look at your life differently.

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