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See the book list, website list,'Difficult Stories' and'Perspective Social Work' for more information and ideas. These are basic ideas that can be further developed All very simple: life story binder. Do you know what a Life Story Binder is? Have a look at this book Let's Write a Short Story, a guide to start writing and publishing short stories. It' a book that documents the story of a child, celebrates his achievements and makes his talents shine.

Lifebook ideas for your adopted or foster baby

Life books can be a great remedy for a nurse or adopted baby. A number of kids move so often due to the nursing system or unsuccessful adoption that much of their life story is wasted. The book of life is a story of a child's life, from childbirth to adoption.

If you are filling out a life book for a baby, please note the following points. Let the kid help with the book of life. That'?s her book of life. Let the kid type in specific reminders, select images, clipart and colours. Include a page that states that it is not the child's own responsibility that the baby has been placed in or adopted by homes.

Describe why the baby was in nursing or has been given up for adoptions, if known. When not known, a straightforward phrase like: "There are many causes why some babies go into foster homes. Every reason has to do with the parent, not the family. Take great attention not to detail so much that it is overloaded and overpowering for the kid, both in the physical dimensions of the book and detail of the information.

A lot of kids like to take their life books around with them. If possible, you should attach images of the child's childbirth line, former caregivers and other important persons. They may think that the baby will never be forgotten, but as they are growing, so may they. Including good things about the child's past.

I' ve attached a photo of the final celebration of my son's biological mum. For the good, it is also important to take the "bad" into account. It is possible to debate important information about a child's life in a way that is not frightening or condemning. Attach a one-page note from one of the child's most important persons to the message.

It can be a born member of the household, a care relative or an adopted one. One side of the story is very important for the child's futures. Or, for those who are in a nursing care setting if you have a connection to the childbirth home, ask them if they have a familial record.

Genealogy is another important point that should be included in a book of life. Again, if possible and appropriate, you should obtain information from your welfare worker or your childbirth relatives during your stay with a caregiver. I was visiting my grandchildren while they were with their families. Afterwards I got to know her army and various members of her extended household.

Later I wrote down this information and added it to her life-blogs. Include several pages where a kid can fill in the form with his or her own thoughts and ideas, or a list of checkboxes where a kid can easily tick what he or she thinks. Some of my best days at home" or "Some things I miss", for example, are great ways to get a kid to explore emotions.

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