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Examples of Life Story Book

The key elements of the life story. - Examples of Life Story Books. Use of the Life Book for situations other than care and adoption. Though it gives the child the details of his story, it won't. Writing a life story book is not an end in itself.

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People often rumour about life stories, and as nurses we are asked to help with a life story book, sometimes without knowing what it is or why it is so important. The life story book contains a brief story of the baby or teenager, as well as all important happenings.

The majority of assisted babies are in more than one foster home, have different welfare staff and often have to move to other parts of the state. So many changes can confuse or even lose memory and the baby will lose its feeling for identification and self-esteem. The life story book can help to give the youngster a better feeling of identification by keeping his memory, making the past come alive and closing the loopholes in his own one.

Children who have grown up in their own families have an automatic common story of the whole familiy and thus their own identities. In addition to the preservation of memory and the formation of the identities of the children or young people from their past, a life story book can also serve to help the young people to be prepared for the present, e.g. when they go home, to another caregiver or to become permanent or to leave the nursing team.

You can put together a life story book with a scrapbook, a large notebook or a photo gallery. Attractive design and important information and happenings about the baby, his native relatives and his age-appropriate nursing record should be on it. You can also add a brief clip of the kid as well as photos and souvenirs, e.g. an entrance card to an amusement farm on a particular outing.

Big souvenirs can be stored in a "Memory-Box", which can complement the life story book. Because some of the information needed for a life story book is not available to the nurse, the welfare officer must be included as she has file contact and the nurse therefore receives no information.

Occasionally the life story is concluded as part of the current treatment by the practitioner and the nurse is asked to help. While the life story book is primarily for the infant, it can also help the child's new caregiver or adopted parent to better comprehend the infant's past and how it can affect the child's behavior.

I' m familiar with many young people in their early 20s who still love to look at their life story book and reminderboxes.

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