Life Experiences to Write about

Experiences of life you can write about

About a babysitting experience. Tonight's guest entry is by Reagan Colbert. A Christian writer, Reagan also has a passion for poetry and songwriting. Did you find the experience healing? The essay gives readers an insight into your most intimate life experiences and life lessons.

Topics of your own experiences

About a babysitting adventure. Describe an adversary who finally became your boyfriend. Tell me about a period when you were deceived and busted. You can write about a privileges you've deserved. You can write about those strays you bring home. Record about a period you played in front of an audiences. Describe a tough choice you had to make.

Tell us about a period in which you found out something about yourself. Writing about skating, cycling, treeclimbing or cycling. Explain how to learn how to drive. Describe getting sacked or cancelling. Describe a frustration. You write about something small that's turned into a big thing.

Type about something that failed. Describe a period when you had to talk to someone you couldn't comprehend. Describe something you really wanted as a boy. Describe the best loft or cellar you've ever been to. When you were a little girl, what did you do to have fun when you waited a long while?

You write about a period when you were persuaded to do something and then you regret it. Describe an event in the wards. On a catastrophic journey or holiday. Explain your disillusionment with someone you adored or respect. Explain the best concerto, game, film you have ever taken part in. Use a broken sash or something of value that you have dropped.

Describe a period when you tried to help and made things even harder. Tell me about the move to another town. Describe how to pick an apple or berry. Describe the construction of sandcastles or sludge cakes. Describe how to mow the grass, burn foliage or weed the area. Tell him he's an outsider.

Post about a tag in another state. Describe a terrible horrible nocturnal. Tell us about a period when you had to await something you wanted. Tell me about a period when you outwitted someone. You can write about jobs. Writing about the first wear of high boots or a tie. For the first writing about the sea or the mountain.

You can write about Scouts, Girl Guides, 4-H or any other group. Have you ever betrayed someone and felt bad later? Describe about returning to college after your best holiday. Describe a period when you embarrass your folks or the other way around.

Explain how to learn something from an ogre. You can write about a film or a novel that has made a very powerful impact on you. Tell me about a period of good counsel. You describe the best period you ever had in your life. I want you to write about the funnest thing that ever occurred to you.

Autobiographically write about a favourite plaything from your own time. Describe a particular place and why it is so unique for you. Declare your biggest aim in your life. Please describe the most admired individual in your life. Declare a particular time with your mother, your father, or at some point you will honor him forever.

Explain what it would be like in college if you were director. Explain the babysitter blue. When you come to this academy, tell me about your feelings. Draw up a bill that you seriously believe should be in force and not at this point in the game.

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