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This agency specialises in literary fiction. MSL from This is the abbreviation for "Manuscript Wish List" and is used to tell us what agencies, writers and publishing houses want in their batch of slides. In search of YA & adults sci-fi, phantasy and historic destiny, especially #ownvoices/queer/feminist tales and graphical fictions for all age groups and styles. MSWL #LGBT How about histor fuck where Edelmann's Woife finds a lover and has to hide her romance?

I' d also be down dead for a historic one where a wife is wed ded and knows her spouse is in lover with another man, but they are best buddies, so it will help him keep it from the general opinion or the other way around. and I' m still in love with him.

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Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstraw

A comprehensive history of the contemporary struggles for homosexual, gays, lesbian liberties and trans-rights from the 1950' until today, built on astonishing daily interventions with policy makers, soldiers, right-wing militants and members of the whole LAGBT fellowship who face these challange. Fighting for homosexual, gays' and trans-citizens' liberties, the years of shameless inequity, the early struggles, the heartbreaking defeat and the triumphs beyond the homosexual pioneers' dream are the most important citizens' right now.

Drawing on meticulous research and more than 150 in-depth feedbacks, The Gay Revolution recounts this never-ending tale not through arid facts, but through drama about fierce battles, with all the breadth, intensity and complexity that only an award-winning campaigner, academic and writer like Lillian Faderman can induce. Gay revolution began in the 1950' s when the Act categorized gay and lesbian people as criminal, the mental health industry saw them as psychologically ill, the church saw them as a sinner and they were harassed by the community with Iranian hate.

The Gay Revolution draws a subtle portrayal of the citizenship movements of the Gay Revolution in the words of the witnesses who were present at the most crucial moments.

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