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Twelve books that will make you a better writer and storyteller

I always like the one I' m going to have. I' m getting the storyline, the protagonists, the author's vote. On the last pages I can experience a kind of premonition of the end, which is why I often follow a sequential and sometimes obsessive approach to the works of a novelist I like.

So, when I tried to pick my top references from the books I was reading in 2017, which will make you a better author in 2018.... well, it was torture. They' not necessarily my favourite books (although some are), but they will make you a better author. And most of them are not new books.

In 2017 I didn't start reading some of them for the first reading, I reread them. You can rediscover the best books: There are 12 books here that can help you become a better author in 2018: Roz's novel is sorrowful, sincere and (often dark) comical. It' a great reading, even if you're not talking about ageing parent or grandparent - and not me; my parent passed away years ago.

It' by my girlfriend Mindy Fried, a social ologist who wrote about the care of her 97-year-old dad in the last year of his career, with a policy background (her dad was an actress, author and a work organiser who was named before the House Un-American Activities Committee). Writing about common things in an unusual way (B-to-B authors, I'm looking at you).

All of these books document everyday life experiences - but with a view and approach that makes the story anything but prose. Years ago my boyfriend Mitch Joel suggested the Steven Pressfield novel to me, and I read it in 2017. On the other hand, Steven's autobiography is about postponement.

And I hesitated to do so. Lucia Berlin publishes this set of shorts in posthumous style. It turned out to be one of the most important books I started studying in 2017. It makes your poetic speech sizzle. Not always a nice piece of work.

However, Lucia's linguistic usage, the speed of her fiction, the unorthodox nature of grammar and the depth of her character remained with me long after I graduated. Sometimes I drive down the street by mechanical means, and all of a sudden I notice that I am commemorating a Lucia Berlin film.

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