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Publishing has its fair share of fraudsters and infamous companies. but I don't know if they're real. Publisher for new writers I' m sure I understand - PublishAmerica is not good. Which publishing houses are good for new writers? "The same ones that are good for "old" writers.

To have your books distributed to foreigners across the country, they need to be released by a publishing company that can actually get them to the bookstore.

Who do you want to know who these publishing houses are? When you write a Mysterium, go to the enigma section. When you write a self-help textbook, please go to the self-help section. Unlock the ledgers. Look who's publishing them. Verify that the writer expressed thanks to the bookseller - if so, this will tell you that the bookseller is able to sell to publishing houses that can put titles on the bookshop shelf.

Please check the web pages of the publishing houses you found. Check if there are authoring policies on the website. There you will learn what the publishing house wants and how it wants it. When they ask for auger mail, they' re sending out auger mail. A number of publishing houses receive requests or suggestions by e-mail, but do not become lazy - do not limit yourself to who is accepting e-mail entries.

Many of the better homes still await Snailmail. First, get in touch with the agency, first with the publisher, or both at the same one. You probably want an asset as a new author - you don't know what to look for in a books agreement or what to look for, so an asset can be very useful.

In order to find an agent, sign up for PublishersLunch and see who does business (http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/lunch/free/). In a word, there are not a few "good publishing houses for new authors". "New Authors " is not a gender. New authors are needed by all publishing houses. In other words, no editor will feel sorry for you and lower their standard because you are new.

You have to write in competition with what's already out there, which means you have to be sure that you've worked hard enough on your trade to earn a place on strangers' bookcases. I would be very careful if publishing houses specifically advertise that they specialise in new writers. Usually this means either a vain publication (you are paying for the publication) or a new and unsuspecting publishing house with celebrities in mind and good intent, but no dissemination.

A number of legitimate publishing houses only accepts - or at least they say so. Some of them take requests from unauthorized authors, others even take samples or complete scripts without being asked. That is not the best way to save on research or to hurry. You' ve been spending your spare minute to write the script, now you' re spending your spare minute finding a real home.

In addition to your own research, you can use Writer's Market (an annually produced Writer's Digest book) or the on-line one. It contains contacts and policies for many large and small publishing houses. If you are a good editor, the answer is that you can find this publisher's works in places where they sell.

When you can't, think about it - is that what you want for your work? When your publishing house is unable to put your work on the market, your first priority is to sell it to your boyfriends and mates. Don't be fooled by the fact that a publishing house publishes on Amazon and BN.com. People don't walk around Amazon looking for writers they've never even seen and those they've never seen before.

When they are looking for someone at Amazon, it is probably because they hear about a books they have purchased in a bookshop (or from Walmart, Costco, CVS....). Do not lower your standard, just as you would not want a publishers to lower their standard. You are working on another work while you are presenting your work.

Difficult as it is to listen, the authors' first few works are often not intended to be public. A second or third volume can be the charms. To put it briefly, do not look for "good editors for new authors". "Search for good publishing houses for contributors, point. Genuine, serious publishing houses buy the works of new composers every day.

Just ask Dragoonjax, who last night was selling a set of 3 books to Kensington.... her first one. Everything that looks simple looks like a short cut, looks like a backhole to publish.... probably isn't where you want to be. They may get some temporal contentment from simple assumption, but in the long run, you are lousy that you permitted your product to accept shordy care and condemned it to your cellar.

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