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Irrespective of how long you have been writing, you can also refresh your grammar skills. Practise English Grammar App for iOS and Android offers free basic quizzes and premium exercises.   11 free websites for practicing English at home In the New York Public Library's Adult Learning Centers, where grown-ups work on fundamental English and alphabetization skills, we are often asked for advice on web pages where grown-ups can practise English at home. Here are eleven pages, some focusing on comprehension, some on pronunciation, some on grammar and some with a series of exercises.

easyworldofenglish.com An appealing, user-friendly website with vocabulary, spoken words, audio and video exercises and an active illustrated online vocabulary book. org This website contains appropriate trivia, puns, word-plays, riddles, sayings, slang phrases, anagram, a chance generated tutorial and other computer-aided vocabulary development tools. There is also a dedicated page for discussion, complete with exercises with minimal couples.

Contains trivia, student dictionaries and student panels. To educators, contains lesson suggestions on all themes as well as discussions boards. cdlponline.org If you' re reading and listening to messages on issues like work, living, finance and healthcare, then work on related activity involving storytelling, involving couples, words and trivia.

A number of tales also contain video. bbc.co. uk/worldservice/learningenglish A series of marvelous practical exercises, some related to recent happenings. Contains video, quiz, word training, idiom, crossword puzzles and much more, all with English pronunciation. English grammar and word training for all skill level, incl. many bi-lingual novice courses. Contains a teacher links, with conversational question, game and many other great things that can be used in the class-room. abcya.com This is a website for children, but who says that even grown-ups can't use it?

This site contains pedagogical plays organised according to grades 1 to 5 and is particularly suitable for orthography and phonetics. Vowel, case, dagger, synonym and antonym training and more. This site contains video with mother-tongue teachers that explain important literacy skills such as critically reviewing, summarising and scoring, as well as important skills such as renting and drug-tagging.

To learn about literacy, writing, words and finances, click on the top tab in the top bar. graflearnfree. org/everyday A well-designed page with hands-on instructions for everything from using an ATM to scanning grocery ID. By clicking on the symbol on the main page and then clicking on the link below, the website also offers a resource for students of German, which includes tales to hear and share and picture books. courseguide.

og/english This is an online visual vocabulary book that covers everything from the alpha and beta to parts of the human organism and livestock. elt.oup. com/learning_resources This page from Oxford University Press offers a range of orthography, vocabulary, grammar, speaking and audio training resources. Somewhat hard to browse, therefore better suited for intermediate and experienced use.

Anything you want to learn - an introduction to a grammatical concept, phrases, a sentence of words - type it into the box and a series of video clips will surely appear.

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