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You can learn to write better emails and progress in your career. Writing at university can be very different from other types of written English. Would you like to improve your English while learning to write? Do you want to learn how to be a writer? The students complete a series of informal writing tasks that promote critical thinking and facilitate the learning of course content.

Writing for the adult learnEnglish

Practice and enhance your writing abilities. In this section you will find tips and tutorials to help you writing e-mails at work, as well as articles and papers at the school. In this section you will be able to help improving your writing for academic and academic work. There is information and tips on different kinds of writing work. Use our tutorials and samples to help you get clear writing and top grades.

This material is for C1 and C1 levels students. You can learn to send better e-mails and progress in your careers. This material is for beginners of levels A 2 and B 1. How can you practice how we ask e-mails about you? Make sure to obey these basic principles, what to spell and what not to spell.....

English for Academic Purposes

This specialization will enable you to be successful in any collegiate course or work area. You will learn to carry out strict scientific research and to clearly and unambiguously articulate your idea in an academical form. The last Capstone project culminates in all of the research you have acquired during these classes in a topic of your choosing.

Developed to help you practise and use your learned abilities. Mark your new abilities in your CV or LinkedIn. Beginners specialisation. Courses 1: Spanish Language Course: Do you need to repeat your vocabulary? This first course in this specialisation is a brush up on some of the writing related utilities.

Composing is a capability and in order to learn a capability well, you need to practise. This course allows you to view brief videos and then practise and debate what you have learnt. You will then be able to memorize the course guidelines when you begin writing an essay in the next course.

  • Ignore verbform - use comma - use different set styles - more effective writing in English Please be aware that the free edition of this course gives you full acces to all tutorial video and manual. You can only use the pay versions of the quiz and review feedbacks.

Find out more about Courses 2: Getting Ready with Essay Writing This is the second course in English: I' m a writer. Through the introduction to three kinds of papers, this course helps you to be prepared to work in collegiate courses, but anyone who wants to enhance his or her writing ability can use it.

  • Draw up efficient theses for your papers - design and writing comparisons/contrast, cause/effect and argumentation papers - type well designed bodily articles Note: Lessons and exercise activity are available for free, but you need to update to the paid paper to take the trivia and get tutorials.

Find out more about This is the third course in English for academics: I' m a writer. This course will help you to get ready for your work at collegiate levels by increasing your degree of writing. - you are planning and writing a more challenging argumentation paper - identifying plagiarisms and explaining how you can avoid them - reading and analysing several papers to make up your own mind on a subject - linking several papers - making theses from your lectures - using resources efficiently when writing an article Please be aware that the free edition of this course gives you full acces to all teaching video and hand-outs.

You can only use the pay versions of the quiz and review feedbacks. Find out more about Find out more about Find out more about Please have a look at the learning aid.

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