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You will learn to write a book package. In contrast to the name, writing is not the only thing this book series teaches. In contrast to the name, writing is not the only thing this book series teaches. This is a funny and educational gift set for sale! To learn to write can seem like a long, hard blow.

Learning to write a book package with markers (10

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a 65% discount on the First Learning Wipe and Write Book Bundle incl. Puzzle Box and Sticker and Activity Book

Do you want your infant to study while he's having a good time? If so, this Early-Learning First Words book package is just the thing for you and your little ones to do. This is the ideal start to your little boy's study. Enjoy your stay on the estate with this early warning book.

Using wiping pages and a neat stylus, kids can practice typing numbers and increase their arithmetic aptitude. Ideal for playful study! Full of activity, toys and labels, the four light coloured textbooks will help your little learners to an early and funny, instructive-starter. Terrific for expecting mom's or mom's with little kids.

Clean up: Activity Book Early Learning

Beautiful book, very colourful. Wide field of activity: prescribing, countdown, timing.... The only drawback is that there was only one mark, not two, as announced, and the mark was quickly finished, took less than a weeks. I' ve purchased the machine washers Crayola and they work with this workbook.

Perfektes book to help pre-school children write letter numbers! It can be deleted and done over and over again. It is my boy LOVE this book and has even begun to write and draw on the empty page they give you on the front! I' m definitely recommending this book. The three-year-old is in love with this book.

Only problem is that the stylus is not attached to the book, so it can be moved around with ease. Even after the book has been wiped with a tissue, a bright colour tone is maintained after repeated use. Finally, if you write in the book and let it stand for a few nights, you will need to rub more hard to do this.

All in all, this is a funny book for you to write and rewrite. This book my boy is enjoying. With the included pencils it is simple to follow and he can delete the stylus from the book with ease. This book contains a variety of pages with characters, numbers, tracking beasts, and exercises.

Now my 3-year-old kid likes to write about this book! This book is recommended to anyone who wants to give their children the fundamentals of the letter or to the parents who want to repeat what their children learn in school/nursery. It' a book I like that you can use over and over again.

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