Learn to Write a novel

To learn to write a novel

All you learn is to write the novel you're written on. Writing courses online. For all those interested in shorts, fiction, screenplays and scenarios we provide on-line training. You will work with your own individual on-line instructor in all of our classes. All of us have to find our own way in the writeing-method.

After completing the First Draft course you can either do further designs with us or go on alone.

It' going to drastically increase the standard of your typing from the very first year.

They also provide an excellent foundation for the 10-month Novel and Script First Draft Online course. All three Intermediate 6 week online classes are held only once a year:

In this course you can count on an increase of at least 200 percent compared to your first draft. In the third design course you will concentrate on typing and learning the arts and crafts of rewriting and editorial.

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