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This is your free guide to writing a Hack Learning Series Book. Have a look at the Hack Learning Series and learn how to write your own bestselling book today. The book "Learn to Live" is written by Swami Jagadatmananda and has been enthusiastically received by demanding critics in India and abroad. Getting a writer, poet, illustrator or storyteller into your school is a great way to inspire children and bring reading to life. Find out how to customize the book, add interactive widgets, and publish your book online.


I am a novelist whose passions are to teach and in my thirty years as a teacher I have created a new way of working that is beneficial to both novices and seasoned people. I' ve given this heading to the section of this website where you will find the lectures.

Mastery Path's concept is straightforward, but not straightforward. It is the same way top sportsmen and women and musicians train their abilities. I will start by explaining how the Mastery Path skill acquisition methodology works; then I will review the writing needs; and then I will provide exercises to help you develop these competencies.

I' presented the classes in the order I would do them in the class room, but you can surely find your own way through them. There is a list of all the units that have been post on the lections page on the lefts. There will be new classes about twice a months. IMPORTANT: From January 2016 I will not publish any new classes.

I do, however, provide e-mail and telephone tutoring for prospective authors who want to use the technique of conscious practise to improve their aptitudes. I have based my training on the research of Professor K. Anders Ericsson's competence-building. When you have worked through one or both of my textbooks and would like instructions on how to set up your own course (how?), please contact me at the link in the lefthand corner.

Can help you set your objectives and create a roadmap to achieve them. The aim of this meeting is to help you find out what abilities you need to learn and in what order so that you can create an exercise that works for you.

Becoming a writers

To write demands a particular work morale. You' ll need to invest the lessons to learn the abilities that will give you a chance to succeed. You have to install them (and I'm speaking of many and many hours) long before you have the feeling that you're actually getting where you want to go.

It' not like going to college to become a solicitor, physician or instructor, where at some point you get a test and a licence and can appeal for it. While not everyone will be a best-seller, it is a guaranty that everyone who reaches this particular climax of the nightmare has an excellent work morale and brings in the time.

There is a hypothesis that you have to type a million words before you can type something that can be published. So if you don't type every single word, let's say you can bring in your millions of words by writing an average of 500 words a days for five years. That is 2500 words per week-end or 1000 words per midday of the week during the midday interval.

That' to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and write two pages. You ready to take the plunge? I' ve known many authors who have so much investment in their first work that they will give up if the first design is not a great one.

A first design of a first volume is not a million words (or, please God, it shouldn't be.) The odds that this first design is the best you can ever provide are very low. So, before you think about how to find the recording space, ask yourself if you are really ready to schedule all the recording times you will probably need.

Will you be ready to continue if it is your second, fifth or 10th volume that can be made out? This means to write, even if you are not sure if you will ever be released. Will you be ready to begin with the second, fourth or ten books if the first does not take you where you want to be?

Ready to take up the challenge of typing, even if it's difficult and self-doubt you're trying to slay? Deal with your calender for more credit. Rely on getting a little nearer to the type of author being released each and every day you get to your computer.

These are my five best hints for getting lessons in typing. Awake at 5am so I have to spend about anhour and half typing before waking up my girl to get myself prepared for university. Or, if this is not the case for you, you can turn it around and find an additional lesson to type at nigh.

Waking up at 5 a.m. means I'm really sleepy at work! Whichever it is, could you write instead? Choose one or two hours and ask for them for your work. Find out what works for you and be prepared to give up a little of your downtime.

On the road or during your midday break, there are probably times during the daily work when you might lose a few words. Just ten to fifteen to fifteen seminars per working days result in at least one lesson per working day. Allow your day's work what it needs, but if you have a few minute to yourself, give it to him/her.

When you have a lot of children, a daily work or two and a home on run --, you don't have an lesson or two a days to devote to text. Now, split your lesson. While you wait for supper to end your meal, spend half an hours at lunchtime, another half an hours while your children do their schoolwork.

Don't let them stop you from finding much of the paperwork. Nowadays we are used to typing on a keypad with onscreen. But you better get started wearing a ledger. While you' re standing in line at the supermarket or something, you may have a few moments to type a few words.

In addition, if you go to transliterate these handwriting rows later, they will launch your next computer write sessions. She is the author of Viral Nation and Rebel Nation and is the primordial ninja writer. And if you want to be a ninja writer, begin with the Ninja Writers Academy.

You get a lecture every Saturday, and Shaunta shares your work for your comments, and Shaunta has consultations on Sunday afternoon.

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