Learn Professional English Writing

Study Professional English Writing

Find out more about professional certificate programs This is a range of professionally focused training designed to help you build the capabilities you need. It is important for those looking for a position, young professionals, businessmen and women in all areas of the economy. A four-week, 16-week programme teaches students basic and advanced knowledge of British language and words to help them discover and extend their online world. Students will discover their existing contacts, send e-mails, make an "elevator speech", plan and participate in a network event, and hold briefings to improve their professional aptitudes.

The programme is suitable for an audiences who speak English as an extra medium term English. The programme provides abilities that are particularly useful for people in the fields of distribution, personnel and advertising, as well as for small business people. "Being able to work together with others efficiently is an important competence for the professional in today's world.

Mastery of hearing and communications abilities calls for an effort in study and practise. Advantages are to build a comprehensive individual networking to help you reach your career and career ambitions, to use the capabilities and talents of your team, and to build understandings and confidence that are reflected in fruitful working relations. At Fluency Group, our vision is to empower individuals and organisations to connect, work together and act on the international scene to reach their ambitions, and we are pleased to be supporting this precious University of Washington programme that is supporting this quest.

Which you will learn: Explain what it is to be networked and how it can help you achieve your career objectives. Easily pinpoint your objectives for connectivity. Imagine yourself in English, keep a call going and get out of the group. Send email professionally to make new friends and make new ones. Easily identifies your networks and their unparalleled features and capabilities.

LinkedIn and visiting card to establish and keep in touch with your local net. Take advantage of briefings to extend your existing networks. Launched by top corporations and top academia, the Professional Certificate Programmes are a range of popular training programmes aimed at developing the essential competencies required for today's top positions.

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