Learn Academic Writing Online

Study Academic Writing Online

In these online courses, the skills taught will enable you to succeed in any university course or professional field. Get ongoing support for your paperwork, including comments and instructions on revisions and drafts. Courses in detail The course is open to all Ph. D. candidates.

It is a self-study course offered throughout the year. If you move the cursor over the EL8000, a small round pushbutton appears. The course is free of cost for recent correspondence course participants of the University of Leicester.

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Each of these on-line classes gives you the ability to be successful in any course or profession. You' ll be learning to carry out scientific research and to clearly articulate your idea in an academical form. The course will combine all the experience you have acquired in either Phase 1 of your Ph.

You would like to study how to do your thesis but don't have enough in Maastricht? If so, you should consider this on-line doctoral course. They concentrate on linguistic and structural, two important elements for clear and succinct copy. We also analyze current proofs of your letter and concentrate on topics within your work.

The material is sent by e-mail or made available via the student portal before each meeting. On-line Advanced Academic Proficiency is the latest add-on to the Language Centre's range of language training programs and is designed for qualified doctoral students who have either graduated from the Online Academic Proficiency Course or either earned a Doctorate in Ph.

Online Advanced Academic Writing Course is structured as: Attendees use their own forums for communication and share contributions for evaluation. Theories will not be strongly represented in the course, and it will be up to the student to choose when to hand in their paper for evaluation and when to organize the evaluation sittings.

Tutors act as coordinators and assist in moderating such meetings. The student will publish their commentary in the forums, which will be open to all attendees, and the teacher will take notice of any linguistic problems. During the 12 weeks of the course, the student has the opportunity to have two personal consultation meetings with the teacher to talk about any typing problems and to get more in-depth comment.

The material is sent by e-mail or made available via the student portal before each meeting. Have a good access to the web, cameras, headset/internal loudspeakers, be encouraged to attend the course (attend each meeting and submit homework). On-line course: ? 450. Doctoral students who have been enrolled at the FHML, MaCSBIO, M4I or Merln are entitled to support.

Inquire with your employers if you are suitable for such support. When you are eligable, you must make the following available to the Language Centre: When you are not considered for a department grant, the Language Centre will directly bill you. In order to obtain a certification and credits, you must attend at least 6 of the 8 meetings (preferably all).

Log in to see past or lost meetings as all of them are logged.

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