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is a software program that allows users to easily create layouts for magazines, newsletters and other publications. One version is a snapshot of a container configuration at a particular point in time. At any time you can save the current state of a workspace as a version.

Mac Desktops Publishing Software

An art header preset set ensures that your files will attract attention. Over 50 million images can be inserted into a single file with a single click. A redesigned search and retrieval application significantly enhances application efficiency so you can easily and effectively process large, multi-page works.

Download Desktop Publisher for Mac

DeskPublisher is a Mac-only, full-featured evaluation version that is part of the Design & Photography section with the Layout & Print submenu. It has received 16,737 files since we added this programme to our catalogue in 2005, and last weeks number was 0 files. DeskPublisher is an elegant piece of furniture that occupies less room than many other design & photography products.

This application is available for Mac OS Carbon and earlier version and can be downloaded in English. This is the latest version 2.2.5 and was released on 29.03.2004. DeskPublisher Pro allows you to associate text fields and place text items right down to the last character.

It is a full-featured text editor that gives people far more text visual controls than traditional text editors. So whether you run a company, promote a car park sales or put the final touch on a classroom initiative, you can use DeskPublisher Pro to make, optimize and torment text and make headline and visual impact like the best of the popular publishers' tools at a small surcharge.

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