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In addition, she is a member of the La Jolla Playhouse Board at the University of California at San Diego. A small, passionate agency, Laura Gross Literary Agency works closely with authors to acquire top contracts for print, TV, film and digital media. subdomain e " >imag>". LA Literary Agency covers a broad spectrum of writers, many with interesting daily job opportunities - sportsmen, actresses, musicians, attorneys, families, academics, cooks, nutritionists, doctors, reporters. This agency provides literary and business literature and non-fiction in the fields of biographies, autobiographies, sports, adventures, cookery, science, story, healthcare and lifestyles.

The top of our non-fiction books is the story telling article or the telling of stories. These can be historic, modern, literary, business, mysterious or exciting. I was a novelist, journalist, journalist, author, publishers and broadcaster who made it possible for me to reside in New York, Washington, Berlin, Mallorca and Los Angeles. When I graduated in mathematics and mathematics from Trinity College, I moved back to New York and worked as an editorial assistant for Sport Journal, where I worked with authors such as Jimmy Breslin, Dick Schaap and Dave Anderson.

Finally I came back to New York as Senior Editor of General Interest Publications in the Prentice Hall. After that I wrote a second world war story (finally a HBO movie.) I first went to Berlin to do research, to Mallorca and back to New York.

When Dr. Stanton left, I relocated to Los Angeles to become president of Nash Publishers, then the biggest general publishers of books in western Chicago, now threatened with disappearance. After graduating from Brown University with a focus on story, I relocated to New York and got my first publishership at Prentice Hall.

Next I was Director of Advertising and Publicity at Liveright, a literary publishing house with a notable story and back list. Impressum concentrated on business literature (some of which were New York Times bestsellers) and a guidebook serial that rose to over twenty of them. As a result, the LA Literary Agency was founded.

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