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How have you experienced using Kindle Direct Publishing? One thing that really made a big deal was making a two day free work. More than 3,000 units were downloadable in these two get-togethers and I found myself in first place in the Technothriller and in the Top 10 of S-Fi...

enture. Selling went on when the free lesson ended and I came in 460th place in all of my sold titles.

As of April 2010, Amazon has modified its rankings system so that a free update counts as 1/10 of a Sell. Sells were dropping rapidly and I pulled back Select's product to release on Smashwords and through their systems to Apple, Kobo, B&N etc.. And after a while I started producing more novels for a serial and made the first one for free.

All the other ledgers were not included in KDP Select. For more than three years, the first volume stayed in the top 20 techno thrillers from Amazon. Given away for every 6 books I found someone who continued to buy the remainder of the batch (9 books so far). It' simple to use with a good help system for the beginner.

There are three areas you should focus on and pay more heed to: the title, the title and the keywords used. Choose is also good - especially good for an author's first work. As soon as you become known and have more resources available, it is decision to retire from the KDP.

The KDP does not offer much help with promoting your work. Smshwords is more helpful, but it's up to the writer to do the Ph. D and you need stamina and fortun. The KDP is great because it is the most favorite site for purchasing textbooks (or something really.) Its very simple for publication, and the Dashboard is simple to use.

Emoluments are high because Amazon doesn't spend much on web site hostings for your work. To date I have posted over 40 volumes on the Amazon Kindle Plattform. All you need is a free KDP bankroll, and then you can post your copy to the Kindle Shop in a few easy steps, yes, it will take about 6 min to post your work.

We' re going to have your story go online so the whole wide globe can see and buy it in about 12hrs. Several of my textbooks went out in about three inches.

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