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This is a good reason to talk about publishing a paperback about Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Aimed at writers and publishers for supposed misuse of Kindle Direct Publishing System In a lawsuit against several writers, editors and distributors, Amazon claims that they used the Kindle online advertising system to boost their profit and retail-ranking. In the five claims submitted to arbitrations at the American Arbitration Association on Wednesday, a large number of claims were made, among them deceptive client ratings, the generation of counterfeit consumer account information and other schemas to raise ranking and licensing fees on the company's e-book self-publishing plate.

For example, one of the claims is that a man from the Philippines provided a writers' book publishing services to increase the number of pages viewed in their book with literally hundred of counterfeit Amazon account numbers, in return for a 40 per cent reduction in their payoff. Amazons payments writers participating in the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners' Lending Library programme with a subscription system built on the pages it reads.

It is filing preliminary orders to prevent writers and editors from proceeding with the claimed work, as well as legal costs and pecuniary damage to be ascertained by means of arbitrations. While these are the first cases of Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon has taken action against the misuse of its on-line platform, which includes earlier measures against scam-fixing.

Amazon's conditions of use require a mandatory arbitrator's procedure as a legal recourse in the event of a dispute between the enterprise and the user.

Publication of a pocket book on Kindle Direct publishing

I got the print copy of my work! This is a good excuse to discuss the publication of a pocket guide on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publish. Firstly, the long-awaited release of a hard copy of my novel, A World If You Please. I' ve released the album on in Kindle and Papeback-format.

It' s been a while since I last dared to use Kindle Direct Publishing's on-line publishing tool. I have already released two books in Kindle size. It' s a very nice coincidence that you can now make and release a pocket edition of your work. Last time I released about Kindle Direct Publishing, only the Kindle file was available.

Prints on demanda are the main source of costs for the pocketbook format: Kindle eBooks and paperbacks are available in different thumbsets. If you release both a Kindle and pocket edition of the same volume, they will begin as independent volumes on It is a good notion to link them so that those who view the product on-line can see that both are available.

I didn't get the automatic link, so I went to the Kindle Direct Publishing Helpdesk. It' s a good idea to read the Kindle Direct Publishing manual to find out how to load and reformat your work. I' ve chosen the paper back edition of my work. Getting an Amazon Kindle volume with HTML and CSV.

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