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Light Self-Publication Format

Part of the factor that determines whether your book will be successful or a flop on Amazon Kindle is formatting. eBook formats supported Or you can try using Kindle Textbook Creator....

. It is a downloaded utility that will help you create PDF files that contain a wealth of images such as diagrams, images and formulas. Find out more about Textbook Creator. Notice: Currently we only work with PDF scripts in the following languages: English, Catalan, French, Catalan, Galician, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian.

A 6-step process to format your book for Kindle with Microsoft Word

The commentary was published by the publishing authorities and double bestselling writer Kristen Eckstein. Anybody who has tried to format their eBook themselves will tell you that it is no small thing. Now there are several hundred converting software and Kindle'meat grinders' that promises to produce neat Kindle documents, but still provide a full jargonload.

A few frequent problems with formats are crazy spaces, whole passages or chapter bold and italic, broken off parentheses, text behind images and more. Your Kindle work may not work if your Kindle work has bullets, graphs, tables, blocks citations, or other specific formats. Any such output inserts additional source text that is translated into "junk" when the. doc file is converted into a bundle of XHTML files.

To get away from the dungeon codes, sound XHTML coding and EPUB and MOBI format consolidation are required. However, if your eBook does not contain these formatsting problems, here are 6 simple ways to turn your Microsoft Word documents into a Kindle book: While you can adjust some preferences such as the first indentation and the space between the indentations, remember that any adjustment you make is a way for more spam to creep into your Kindle files.

Once you have followed exactly what you said in steps 1, begin at the top of the page, position the mouse pointer at the beginning of each section and section, press and release the "Ctrl" or "Cmnd" keys on your keypad and press "Enter". "This will begin each section on a new page and paste the correct Kindle script so that the eBook program knows that this section should begin on a new page.

Start again at the beginning of the paper, go through your whole volume and use the standard styles "Heading 1" on each section or section caption (i.e.: intro, preface, section 1... etc.) and the standard styles "Heading 2" on all subtitles in your volume that you want to display in the table of contents.

you can use a conversion utility to generate your MOBI files, which are the format that Kindle machines and applications recognize. Scrivener is recommended. I myself am more acquainted with Kindstant and believe that it is so simple, even an inexperienced beginner can make professionally looking Kindle-Bücher.

It is also the best formatting tool I have currently found on the open air format. Whatever formatting tool you select, just obey the easy steps to load your MS Word documents and covers to your temp server (your files can be immediately erased so they don't remain on your servers). Then with the Kindle Previewer application on your computer, look at your Kindle books to see if they meet your requirements.

Remember, even if the Kindle Previewer application allows you to view a thumbnail of your eBook on more than one machine, it does not always show everything in the same way as a true Kindle machine, so it is always best to copy your MOBI onto an existing Kindle and display a thumbnail this way.

I' ve previewed my eBooks on my Kindle keyboard and Kindle Fire to make sure they are legible. You are now prepared to load your e-book onto Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system. Register for an e-Book membership and fill in your e-Book information. Just click on "Publish" and within 48 hrs your e-book will appear on for purchase!

You' ve just finished a Kindle in six simple footsteps! Use of the above procedure does not always ensure that your Kindle textbook will be error-free when a new Kindle piece of code is out. There are new types of Kindle file reading applications on different machines, so you may need to format your file.

As an example, I had over 2,000 free promotional copies of my Kindle How to Watch a Non-Fiction in 3 Mystery Dictionary in 3D ½ Day, a six-step guide that was written and published before the new Kindle Fire HD was out.

Soon after the new high definition was released, I got an e-mail from Amazon with a format problem with my eBook. Since I had no records of tens of thousands of earlier releases, I concluded that it was the way the new piece of writing translated the source text. Rather than taking the trouble to re-format it myself, I sent it to my Kindle coding staff to tidy it up for me.

So if you prefer to waste your precious free day typing or selling your store and spending less of your precious little hand around the technical cake, you can engage a dedicated eBook authoring staff to have your data converted for you. If your data contains these specific formattering problems, you need to move this part of your eBook creation to a skilled publishing or distribution company or our expert coding group.

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