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Best Tools for Kindle Self Publishing

I' ve released my first one in 2012 and so much has been changing! It will be the best tool for Kindle Self Publishing, from sizing to the covers. And some great category and keyword selection utilities at Amazon! As I immersed myself in Kindle Self publishing with my first volume (Make Him Room), the big thing I recalled was that I cried, cursed and generally wanted to murder someone until 4am.... the TABLE OF CONTENTS. Here's what I did.

You know where to click on a section and you will be taken straight to that part of the work. There were also strange signs between the words that I couldn't see in Word, but came up in the Kindle-Readers. With five volumes for purchase, I have more of a rationalized Kindle authoring and self-publishing experience.

With Creative Collaborations I have the feeling that I have at last got into a self-publishing groovy and even offered another Amazon product for purchase in the same time. I want the utilities I used to rationalize the whole buying experience and generate more revenue with my self-published work.

Easily generate nice graphical PDF and text-based text files and save them as. m3 or. ebub or PDF. In this case I could use Word WITHOUT a headache, because Draft2Digital's totally free formatting tool. Drafts2Digital is a writers' business (starting with authors) that can help you spread your work across various selling sites such as iBooks, Kobo, etc.

However, if you don't want to spread with them, you can still use their reformatting tool for free. Then you can save as . for Kindle, . for anything else or PDF. This is not what I want when I am publishing on CreateSpace myself or selling PDF files through my own site.

To really compete with Kindle Self-Publishing, you need to have a great artwork that matches your group. I' ve found a design guy who makes customized AND has pre-made artwork at great rates. I have had my last three artwork taken care of by Go On Write, complete with the printed one.

I' ve bought a branded pack, which means that when I order a ready-made product, it has typefaces and colours that go with my other text. Or you can get some good idea how to make your class look like by using Yasiv. It is a utility that generates a kind of clouds of cover art in a given categorie so that you can see them all at once.

When it comes to things like colour, it can help you see the latest fashion and just get an impression of what your cover looks like. A major change this month was the search for key words and headings. They are important because they help you selling textbooks on auto-pilot with Kindle Publishing.

It' similar to what Amazon does with advanced research, because Amazon is a giant searching machine. By refining the words they use to find your work, you can help them find and sell it. Using the ideas page, I entered several key words that might work for Creative Collaborations.

Whatever the reasons, that's what Amazon is for. There are fewer ledgers on the subject that have been spelled with this key word. If I hadn't researched, my key words would have been different and perhaps NOT related to what they were actually looking for. You can also switch to Inkognito modus in your web browsers and look in Amazon if you don't want a paying you.

Select a phrase such as blogs, enter it in the Kindle Retail Quest and then press the Spacebar and enter A to see what appears in the Quest field. You will get an introduction of common key words on this topic. Now you can test out this great pole for child leper for more bits on key words.

It is a web browsing enhancement that gives you an overview of all your ledgers and information. You get information such as the ranking of each volume in the top 20, the cost of each volume, the monthly mean value and much more. This will give you an impression of the contest (how difficult it is to get to number 1 in the category), how lucrative the group is ( "the medium writers make in the group per month"), and the level of interest (how many readers are looking for titles in this group).

They can have different destinations for different time with your books, but when you start, it can be great for your exposure to choose less competitive classes. So I chose my class without KD Spy and then tried it IN Spy to see how I would do it. It quickly became clear to me that I would NEVER be in the top 10 in the class I had initially thought of.

That doesn't mean you should choose strange unsuitable headings, but for each of the books there are probably ten or more headings it could fall into, so it's a good idea to check with Spy so you can try to get to the top and get the best-selling day. If I had picked the first one I thought of, I would never have gotten the best seller day, which can be a great stimulus for it!

I' ve got an active launching crew and also had fifteen participants of the project, which I wanted to distribute for free. The best way to do this is with our Funnel! You can get an $20 per year bankroll if you don't ship a ton of them. Instead of just emailing a single file in a single file, you can let your readers select the size of the book: a . e-pub, . mobile or a single file in one.

It also means YOU don't have to declare how to actually install this mobile phone on your Kindle. The Book Funnel does all the hard work! Have a look at Book Funnel! They are the best Kindle self-publishing utilities I have used and suggest to achieve great results and protect myself from headache.

In summary, here is what I would like for Kindle Publishing: I would like to know what kind of tool you use for your Kindle publishing! Let me know if you have tried any of these self-publishing features on Kindle. You want to know why your ledger isn't for sale?

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