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Easy-to-use tool to find bestselling book ideas, profitable niches, rank better in Amazon, & select Kindle keywords. Use BookFunnel and Instafreebie when you are in Kindle Unlimited (KDP Select and free book gifts). The authors and the question of Kindle Unlimited.

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I have been using Instafreebie and BookFunnel for several years to distribute ADDER readers (ARCs) to my e-mailinglist. However, recently there have been some KU controversy about free gifts for writers registered in the Kindle Unlimited game. I' m trying to make sure I don't violate conditions or have problems with Amazon, so I did some sinking.

I had previously got a reply from Amazon that emailing ARC' s to get a review does not violate KU's conditions. They can also e-mail a copy of your books to professionals to edit, correct, and help with other image review. I still don't break the conditions, even if I give away more than 10% of the volume that is in KU.

Likewise, since I used model product to promote the selling of phase of the moon product on Amazon, and nowhere other, I didn't deliberation this was a question. And Amazon has not yet taken any action against Instafreebie or BookFunnel - although I thought the date would come at some point.

I hung most of these examples before the publication of the work and in Kindle Unlimited and kept them as free listings for the above mentioned reason. Either way, that was a few years ago, and since Amazon is changing the rules quickly, I don't want to take any chances that could punish my bankroll.

And as one of the readers pointed out today, as folks are following me in the publication of advices, I need to be more cautious about what I actually do so that folks don't think it's okay without doing their own research and understand the risk. ALSO as I do many posting-preparations and sometimes make errors, my accounts are already on thin ice: if you sign up a product in KU and you are in Instafreebie and Bookfunnel, it should be nice - but if they find a copy on an notebook storage like iBooks or Kobo, get out of KU and have all your product taken off (I almost had that happened last year).

That' s why I have taken most of my free titles out of Instafreebie and BookFunnel and will handle them more carefully in the new year. I' m also going to arrange some solid gifts with specific advertisements. Giving away printed versions or doing so before publishing the work will not violate KU's conditions.

Once the volume is finished, I will refresh the document and submit a restricted number of ARCs to my mailing lists. I' d like to do this a few days before the start to give them a few days to study the work. Publicise the KDP manual and ask them to check it out.

And I can give myself a little more elbow room and remember her to get an ARC copy and read the work. All I need is enough feedback to make sure the product is resold (20+). As soon as I have ratings, remove the IF and BF books, or cut them to only 10% of the overall design.

I' ve updated the full versions of the Perma-Free manuals, but I won't do that anymore because the reader has difficulties to update the files on their device; so from now on I will release the whole manual as a new work. When I let the assay up on IF and BF, I probably also alter the coverage or heading or blurb text - I don't want folks to think I'm breaching the guidelines because the product looks the same.

Previously you could have added a notebook in KU and it will not be marked if it is also in IF or BF, but that could be changed and it is best to be cautious. Ensure that all prior releases are unreleased and then register the work with KU. You can use Amazon Gifts and GoodReads Gifts to buy or give away a copy of my lists at start.

Usually I don't have that much patience, assertion I would have it full cost on pre-order, enrol in KU at full cost, tell my gathering active the GoodReads and Amazon freebies, let them knowing it's on selling close time period if they poverty to pause. PRORDERS: I dropped my pre-order privilege last year (for the second time) because I was late (around 5 minutes), but they're almost back.

I' m generally a pre-orderer for PER, but in the near term I'll make pre-orders when I have a first approximate design, about a months or two before I release (or longer if I put a pre-order linkt for a continuation in the back of volume one of a show.... you always want to get them to go somewhere after they finish a book).

It is good to have a pre-order and to be ALSO in Instafreebie and BookFunnel, because a pre-order logbook can only be entered in KU after publication. In 90 or less time, go from zero plattform to No. 1 best seller with my Guerrilla Publishing on. You can download now for free and get my new portfolio and the road map for the start (this is sophisticated material you won't find anywhere else).

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