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And I agree with Lis: publishing the books is just the beginning. Self Publishing Success Stories: Anatomy of a Kindle bestseller Lettering for the sake of it' is totally excellent, but many of us have the ambition to be the number one in the Amazon chart, to sell literary works in the Hundred Thousand and to collect the money! Today, #1 Amazon UK best-seller writer Mark Edwards explores some of the features of what goes in a Kindle best-seller.

Being self-released creators, we are all inspirited by the vision of other independent composers who tear up best-seller listings, roll in license fee cheques, get a lot of money for movies and books and achieve all the things we fantasize about in these foggy times when we lift our minds off our keys and make us daydream.

One of those happy authors who was successful at self-publishing. I' ve pinpointed seven things that can put a title on the best-seller list if you can put them all in a row and fire them. However, before I talk about myself, I would like to take a look at another self-published track record.

Amazons UK has recently issued a listing of the top ten best-selling self-published works from 2012. No. 2 was Only the Innocent, a thriller by Rachel Abbott, who occupied the top position on Amazon for a whole month earlier this year, and sold 100,000 pieces for a prize that brought Rachel the 70% license fee.

It has now joined forces with Amazon, which publish Only the Innocent in the US, while Rachel will remain independent in the UK. She' s freshly open about how she did it - and the first part of it was to get the fundamentals right: a compelling script with a powerful approach; an atmospheric and professional-looking sleeve; and an outstanding script that makes you want to do it.

The sale of an eBook is all about exposition - it's not the truth that good eBook will of course be at the top. And so Rachel concentrated on seeing her script, and to do that, she did two things. First she used Twitter to find out about her work. Your valuations policy was smart and proffesional.

Identifying the blog and websites she thought she could check her books, she produced a clear and polite submission to the reviewsites and asked for a review. What did she do? I' m sure that when you visit such a site, and are flooded with ham inquiries, you will get something that looks professionally and is healthy.

Very early on I realised that the best way to get a book sale was to go to the'also bought' pubs of favourite music. Shortly before entering the Daily Deals or being selected by Amazon for a feature listing, the'also purchased' bar is the most important property on the website.

When you are among the first to appear on the'also purchased' panel of a top ten eBook, your eBook will appear in the char. Then if you did everything else right - the artwork, the descriptions, good critics - the problems will be easier and easier to work with.

I used Twitter, as I still do, to connect with prospective contributors, the blogs and reporters and other contributors who can help you get to know them. It was my policy to create a blogs - - where I interview the most beloved self-published contributors I could find.

I believed that if I asked someone with a large fan base, these follower would come to my diary to get to read about their favorite writer and maybe reading my work. So I made sure they both had powerful, eye-catching cover art and great description, and e-mailed everyone I could think of who could bring up the text.

It was at this point that I nipped the Killing Cupid in the bud and immediately saw a doubling of sell. So, what are the lesson self-published authors can learnt from my and Rachel's work? Create a front page that will tell the readers exactly what kind of books they are reading and that looks like the pro. Desperately try to get the readers to do it.

Compile and execute a marketing-and customize it as you go along to do more of what's worth it and nothing of what's not worth it. Contacting every individual and website you can imagine in a kind and highly qualified manner and give them a good one.

Connect with winning authors - teach from them and stand up in front of their supporters. Feel free to browse my free IndieIQ guidebook on how to create a crackling account - and I'm currently looking for new customers. I' can make a great review for you or criticize your new one.

So what are your key issues for Mark as he and Rachel take first place at Amazon? Together with Louise Voss, Mark Edwards co-wrote the thriller killer Cupid and Catches Your Déath, which were initially big hits when they were released in 2011 and led to a merger with HarperCollins.

Her third novel, All Case Down, has just been out. After years of working in the field of advertising, Mark also operates IndieIQ. com and provides authoring and authoring related activities, which include the creation of books.

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