Kindle Ebook self Publishing

Kinddle Ebook Self-Publication

You' re writing a Kindle book for Amazon: The self-publication of an eBook via the Amazon KDP publication: Amazons Kindle eBook Self-publication via KDP = Passive Income The course has recently been upgraded with 23 new presentations that add 2 hour sessions of contents and explain how to fill in each Kindle Direct Publisher (KDP) box as you post your contents to optimise your Amazon sale. These new contents go far beyond just completing a few boxes on a web application to explain how I am releasing a book to maximise profit.

Your pre-announcement should begin long before publication, but how you fill in the KDP boxes to set up your book's Amazon production page will decide whether your books bloom or wither. Further contents will be available soon. Would you like to become a featured writer today? $3+ billion annual $3 billion worth of e-books sells awaiting to be knocked by you.

Amazon Kindle eReader is the dominant reader in the eBook market with almost 2/3 of all eBooks purchased. Isn' t it about the right moment for you to be released? Up to 4 hrs high quality online video training! During this course I will show you how to use Microsoft Word to create a novel, a novel or a novel and how to post the results of this publishing on the Amazon website, the biggest bookshop in the word, right next to the big guys in the business (King, Grisham,.....).

Brian, self-publishing on Amazon is so straightforward that anyone can do it without a tutorial film. I am willing to make this guide available via screenshots of me editing and posting an eBook on Amazon. We will even be spending a section on how to make a basic covers using the KDP on-line port.

This course teaches you how to use Word: This course should stay open after some initial tutorials as you toggle between the real time demos and Microsoft Word or your web browsers. That is, schedule the publication of your first volume within a few hour after watching this film.

This course is in three parts: an intro, a section on how to format your books with Microsoft Word, and a section on how to use the KDP web browser for submitting your books for publishing at Amazon. Course materials are presented in the form of slides and life screenshots. Good Happiness with your new iBook!

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