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The paperback option of KDP is referred to on their website as the "beta feature". As soon as your book is written, you must go to the KDP website. However, if you want, you can offer your ebook for free on any retailer or your own website. There''s no way you can go wrong when Kindle direct publishing is there for you. Annotate blogs in the niche, with links back to your book website or Amazon page.

Is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing paying you every day when your titles are on sale? When do you get charged by this self-publishing website? Do you put the funds you earn directly into your banking accounts? What do you get for every volume you buy?

In order to supplement Jeremiah's comments, you will be charged every three months for the prior month's purchases. As an example, I got transfer orders for the September sale. I will have the funds in my deposit in my bankaccount around October 29. It is also possible to set different rates for several foreign countries.

In general, I have Amazon translate the amount in dollars into the corresponding currencies. On the information page of your KDP manual you will find the complete country overview, currencies and licensing fees. All your total purchases for all your ledgers can be tracked on a different page of your accounts page.


I recently made the decision to modify the title of my work; this was simple with the Kindle release, but you can't modify the Createspace title (because it is associated with an ISBN number), so I thought I'd try to move the printed release to KDP instead.... I tried the KDP pocketbook options several time, but gave up again and again in a frustrated way.... but I tried again and was frustrated (to say the least).

My major problems is that my PDF' s are much too big - I always had this big problems with storing MS Word in PDF and getting large filesize. However, even when the uploads were completed and the obligatory preview utility entered, everything was incorrect. I usually skipped Createspace's preview utility because it's corrupt and I know my docs are correct.... but in KPD you can't skipping this phase or approving docs until the preview utility says you're good).

My back width should be 1 for creme pages. 148?.... but when I loaded up my data, the pre-viewer says that my back should be 547 - so of course nothing will work. It' not gonna allow me to authorize the case file with all the trouble. Thought my data might just be too big, so I'm helping the coder Hynek Palatin.

When I had to use PDFCreator, I had to configure a specific printing settings for my 5×8.25 cassettes. It looks good, so I'm uploading it again - this one says my back should be 1. 034?..... that's tight, but still doesn't match the one I made.

Can' t authorize the upload until the preview says it's okay, but I won't be wasting any more of my precious free disk space to make the viewer work. Also, now that I've launched a pocketbook on KDP, it's associated with the source track and won't let me modify it; I can't even remove the semifinished track I began, so it's forever locked in my bankroll while I go back to Createspace because it actually works.

I' ve added the album' s covers and chosen the creme pages to fit. Preview Skip. After 2 mins. the upload ed and wait for it. EDIT, I have been told that some writers who have migrated their titles from Createspace to KDP's pocketbook options have seen an upward trend in sell. But I haven't noted a push - about 5 softcover sells a month. After all, I was really able to turn a product over early.

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