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Childle Direct Publishing Costs

No fees are charged by Amazon for publication on KDP. Depending on the provider, this may be subject to a charge. Childle Direct Publishing > Legal > Kindle Direct Publishing >

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The KDP Printer downloads your work and deducts your printing charges from your license fees. The cost of monochrome printer depends on the number of pages and colour used. Trimming format, trim allowance and sleeve finishing do not influence the cost of your work. KDP uses the printer option you select to compute and display your cost of your printout in the Rights & Pricing section of the Song Configuration:

As an example, we charge the cost of a 300 page printed book on the US marketplace: $0.85 (fixed costs) + (300 (number of pages) * $0.012 (per page)) = $4.45 (printing costs). To see spreadsheets summarizing the print cost calculation by market place, click on the link below:

Colored inks with 42-500 pages 0.60 per page 0.06 per page Note: The publication in Japanese is not yet available. Please be aware that the reserve listing fee depends on the cost of your work. This will ensure that your income is always sufficient to meet the cost of your work.

The KDP does not allow you to set a lower limit for the listed prices. In order to compute your reserve listing cost, we split the cost of your pocket book print by the license fee (60%): As an example, we charge the reserve listing of a 300-page book on the US marketplace: $4.45 (printing costs) / 60% (license fee) = $7.42 (reserve listing price).

They can increase the cost of your pocket book above the minimal limit up to a maximal of: They can define per market place listing quotes as long as they are higher than the minimal listing quoted value (based on print costs/ royalty rate) and lower than the maximal listing value ($250 (US), ?250 (EU) or ?.000 (JP)).

How long it will take to upgrade your pricing will depend on the size of the changes. Please see our help page for information on schedules, which includes upgrades for released work.

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