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A lot of authors and publishers do this to maximize book sales potential. Luckily, KDP supports the publication of Kindle books in four of the most important Spanish languages:

THE BEA 2012: We' re comparing Amazon's CreateSpace with Kindle Direct Publishing

We took a look at the advantages of CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing for self-publication of your manuscripts last night. Why should you choose CreateSpace compared to KDP or back? Now, today we sketch out the two stages to help you make the decision which one to use to take your script from the script to the money maker!

CreatingSpace in a simple catchphrase.... is for writers who want to publish books themselves. It can be a totally free of charge procedure, and this comes with several free utilities to help you get from manuscripts to work. This includes a covers writer, a preview of your work to get individual feedbacks, sharing your work with a selected crowd and updating your script on the basis of what they say, and lastly an up-dated way to take a look at your script before it becomes a work with Interior Reviewer.

Use the Guided (step-by-step) procedure to turn your script into a script, or the Expert procedure if you have already written books with CreateSpace. Choose a name for your projects, enter some essential information about the upcoming publication, choose some publishing styles and designs by choosing from several clearly described selections and then submit your print-ready documents (either in Word, Excel, rtf or PDF format).

Previously you had to buy a hard copy but now you can use the on-line digitally produced copy of your copy. It has rationalized the whole procedure and is just another free utility that will help you make your script into a hard cover album.

Once you've uploaded your work, you can use Covers Creator to design the outside of your work. Use your own photographs, pictures, logos and text to make an individual art work that reflects your own individual visions. "But during a workshop at BookExpo America 2012, Thom Kephart, Amazon's Community Outreach Product Manager, showed the public that you can modify the covers of your books as often as you want after publishing them.

Do you want to switch your covers every single working day for the next fifty years? Over three hundred thousand artwork and design artwork combination covers are available in the artwork author before you upload your own. Once you've assembled your textbook, you can go to Market Central to create your free online sales plans!

You' ll be able to find out how to promote your books, find ten keys to fast action to make your books stand out, find your alcove public and much more! CreatingSpace provides 24/7 telephone and e-mail based technical assistance, in additon to a create space community where you can get responses and get in touch with other people.

Childle Direct Publishing in a simple sentence.... is for writers who want to make their own e-books available. Upload your manuscripts in four steps and you can produce an e-book within 24h! Determine the prices for the books and release them! It is also simple to get hold of the logs that are created about your books.

Up to 70% license fee can be earned if you choose the cost of your books between $2.99 and $9.99. Achieve a large digital public, even if you do not register with KDP Select. The KDP e-books can be viewed on any Kindle Device or Kindle Application. When you use CreateSpace, you have a complete printed version available for purchase.

Writers using CreateSpace get the necessary tool to release their printed books and e-books with KDP. For CreateSpace writers, Kephart further stated, "in a nutshell, we are packing the bags" (provide the inside files, covers files, spreadsheets of metadata) for the writer so that he can go to KDP and post them.

" For more information on how CreateSpace makes it easier for writers to create e-books, click here. We just heard that Amazon's CreateSpace has released a free feature that will help CreateSpace writers turn their printed books into a KDP e-book by putting the artwork and script in the appropriate file.

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