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Childle Direct Publishing Account

Ama Amazon's KDP is one of the tools that authors can use to publish their work online. Childle Direct Publishing Dashboard with account information error. Walkthrough I received some e-mails today in an unforeseen Christmas gift saying Amazon had cancelled my Kindle Direct Publishing account, I can never post to KDP again and they don't have to buy me for past purchases. It was at the peak of my new presentation, when I was number one in all my category and was just beginning to write some review.

I had two double KDP account with the same e-mail and different password. It was one of them a fault, but since I've had it for a few years, I chose to use it for this new work because I am writing for very different styles and the two books were helping me to organize them.

So, yes - apparently we can't have two bank accounts. Well, we can't have two. They also apparently sent me a prior e-mail (which I had never seen), to which I had not commented. It is interesting that an e-mail is harder. First one says I'll get emoluments. And the second says I'm not entitled to gratuitous emoluments: Initial e-mail

You have been notified over two week ago of any violation of the Code of Conduct regarding any book you submit through your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. As we have not heard from you, we will terminate your KDP account and KDP contract with immediate effect. We will terminate your KDP account(s) and delete the book (s) you upload through KDP from the Kindle Store as part of the cancellation proces.

Under the KDP conditions, you will get all the bonuses you have deserved. In addition, our General Conditions do not allow you to open new KDP account and you will not be eligible for further license fees from extra account. 2nd e-mail You appear to have several KDP account (s), in breach of our Acceptable Use Policy, and that this account is associated with an account that has already been suspended due to legal problems and breaches of our Content Policy.

Consequently, this account has been suspended and we will remove the files you submitted via KDP from the Kindle Store. Please be aware that you are no longer entitled to get unlimited license fees for purchases made before this cancellation. In addition, our General Conditions do not allow you to open new KDP account and you will not be entitled to receiving license fees from extra account in the near term.

Answering all the e-mails I had received and the suggested'help' reply e-mail, I stated that I didn't know I couldn't have two bank accounts, and from now on I pledged to be more cautious. In 24h I received another e-mail with the note: Once we have verified your answer, we will have your account restored and your book will be accepted back for publishing.

All the e-mails they sent were probably needlessly frightening (they could have just said: "Please get in touch with us about your account, it has been blocked...."). As KDP do not do much these days, I can now choose Smashwords (you can publish your books for free, for launching and building review, and then fix a pricing once everything is settled).

The second insult came a year later, when I inadvertently added a textbook to KU, but had an old Google Playlist of years before.... Amazon threw me out of KU altogether - but I made a big splash about it and was let back in. Amazon has used an armies of robot cats to try to check out possible perpetrators, and it's good that they're taking measures, but unfortunately many legal writers are hurt).

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