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The publication via KDP provides Kindle readers with an eBook on Amazon. Would you like book marketing tips? Writers who have a work they are willing to release have two ways: either conventional publishing, in which a publisher is publishing the work, or self-publishing, in which the writer is publishing the work. When you have done research into self-publishing, you may have listened to Amazon KDP or, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Because Amazon owns at least 80% of the eBook space, you want to make sure that your eBook is available on their site. However, what is KDP and how can writers benefit from it? This paper examines the specifics of KDP and KDP Select.

Amazon's KDP is one of the authoring tool for publishing their work on-line. Publication via KDP provides Kindle users with an eBook on Amazon. Included in KDP are a number of useful functions, such as free data converting, selling track and extra utilities to help you reformat specific kinds of book, such as schoolbooks and kids' literature.

You want to make sure you have everything you need before you begin the publishing proces. When you upload your books, the elements you need are: This is a marketing-optimized manual. Your book's text. It'?s a dust jacket. At what cost would you like to resell your books? As soon as you have entered the above information and clicked on "Publish", your Kindle Browse visitor will be able to access your iBook!

Writers can use KDP for all changes to books, such as e.g. change envelopes, update description and change promotion-pricing. What about KDP Select? As soon as you have your copy of your Kindle Direct Publishing website, you will be able to subscribe to KDP Select. The KDP Select programme provides its participating writers with a number of extra features.

Amazon's policies for the eBooks it will accept in KDP Select are strict, so it's best to know them before you decide to sign up. Registration makes your eBook available in Kindle only, i.e. it cannot be sold on Nook, Apple or Kobo platform. By registering your work with KDP Select, you will have the chance to generate higher bonuses, see more books sold and appeal to a broader audience.

As soon as you sign up, you will have full control over Kindle Count Down Deals and Free Promotion, two promotion features available only to members of KDP Select. These advertising materials, however, are restricted to a certain number of consecutive 90-day registration cycles, so you should organize and plan your KDP Select materials in time.

Amazon reserves the right to sell any book registered with KDP choose at its sole discretion. All KDP Selected registered book are also available through Kindle Unlimited. For more information about Amazon KDP, Kindle Unlimited and what it means to writers, you can learn more about it here.

Note that writers do not have to store all their work in KDP Selections. Writers can decide which title they would like to register. We' ve chosen to add our holiday cook book to KDP selection so you can see on the Amazon list that it's free for Kindle Unlimited members.

When you want to make your own publication, KDP is one of the utilities you should use to make it available to your reader. When you register with KDP Select, if you are looking for help in selling your eBooks, you will receive advertising material and a greater range at the expense of exclusiveness.

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