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Childle Direct Publishing Support Analyst, CN - Order number: 686728 KDP's support specialist will work to ensure that all publisher needs are adequately addressed to ensure the system functions well. - Processing and answering e-mails and/or telephone conversations from publishing houses in either traditional Mandarin or German. - Proven traditional spoken and spoken knowledge of China and England.

Hints for publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing

Publication on Amazon Kindle Direct publishing (KDP) is a very easy procedure, but it can be daunting for the first publisher". We' re going to take you step-by-step through this guide to publish your eBooks on Amazon. If you want to be in Kindle Unlimited, click on "Add this volume to KDP Select".

But if you are going through KU, please remember that your textbook cannot be posted anywhere else - not even on your own website. One example of a sub-title would be A Thorough Discussion for a textbook entitled Manos The Hands of Fate, A Thorough Discussion. It is part of a series:

When booking in a show, select the "This is part of a show" checkbox, otherwise disregard it. When your product is part of a serial, enter the serial name under "Serial Title" and the serial number in the "Volume" area. It should only be a number, such as "1", "2", etc. and not "Book 1", "Book 2", etc.

There' s more talk about HTML description on Books Marketing Tools. Books Contributors: Notice that there is no way to include the Formatter, but thank you for considering us! Make sure you have " This is not a work in the open and I have the necessary publication rights". Be sure to choose two different types that best describe your work.

These meta data are important for how Amazon's algorithm markets your eBook. You should only change the age range if you match your textbook to your kids (i.e. children's textbooks and YA). Do not adapt the U.S. Grade Range unless you match your product to the needs of your kids. When you are willing to start publishing immediately, click on "I am willing to start publishing my work now.

Amazons will produce the page within 24h and will publish the volume on the middle of the night of the chosen date. Note: If you upload a place holder or place holder you must ensure that you switch your eBooks at least 10 working nights in advance.

If you do not do this, you may end up in Jeff Bezos' pre-order prison, where you will not be able to run the pre-order for another year. Then click on "Search for image" and download your JPG eBook artwork from your computer. Read more about the eBook artwork here. Contents file: Download your MOBI or Docx files from your computer by pressing the "Browse" tab and searching for the files on your computer.

The KDP performs an automated misspelling operation and gives you a listing of misspellings (if any). In general, BB eBooks generally recommend using Amazon's free Kindle Previewing softwares on your computer or Mac. It is, however, good practise to make sure that you have the right KDP file so that you can double-check with the Online Previewer that you are all square.

When you have loaded a.docx document that has undergone the automatic KDP translation procedure, it is suggested that you should have downloaded your MOBI document by selecting "Download Book Preview File". Use the Kindle Previewing application to ensure that the formats are correct when you convert to MOBI.

Big publishers have complex regulations, but most small publishers and all independent writers should review "Worldwide right - all territories" to avoid this law. Choose a license for your book: When you plan to value between $2.99-$9. 99 (included), you should choose the 70% license options.

Beyond these rates, verify for 35% license fee and you can choose between $0.99 and $199.99 upwards. You can find more information about the billing of your eBooks here. It is recommended to review the "Set your US rate automatically" for international rates. If you are in the 70% license options, Amazon will charge $0.15/MB for each supplied work.

Thus, a product that has a 0. 6MB available record situation, for representation, loses active $0. 08 of assertion for all eBook oversubscribed. Shipment sizes are shown in tabular form according to the contents, the inside pictures, but not the title picture (if the eBook is packed correctly). We are making great progress and innovations to make sure that the volume of deliveries is as small as possible.

Because of the way the MOBI/KF8 files are packed by Kindlegen, the shipment files are always smaller than the MOBI/KF8 files you upload from your computer. In order to verify the real shipping quantity, skip through the price determination and verify the small printed item. You can see below a picture where you can find the exact dimensions of the delivery:

There are eBook shipping sizing restrictions for large quantities of pictures (e.g. photo books) and contents (e.g. boxesets) at a price of $0.99 and $1.99. At $0.99, your eBook must be less than 3MB shipment sizing. At $1. 99, your eBook must be less than 10MB shipment sizing.

Further information on the sizes can be found here. Register this volume in the Kindle MatchBook program: The Kindle Matchbook allows purchasers of the printed version to receive the eBook version at a price reduction. It should be an encouragement to the big publishers' readership to work electronically, but it could also be a good way to sign up for your work.

Permit the borrowing of this book: In this way, eBooks can be borrowed for 14 working nights by other Kindle-users. "Your products page and your eBook should be online in 24-48 h. It can be released in a few lessons, if you're fortunate. All the best for your work!

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