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Childle Direct Publishing (kdp) is self-published by Amazon 15 Ways to Enhance Kindle Direct Publishing During the London Book Show in April I had the chance to get together with Amazon and present a summary of inquiries and grievances (from the commentaries in this article with the support of KBoards). I' ve been spending a lot of my life going over the entire inventory and I felt that everything was getting a proper heard.

Amazons said a amount of this material is in the pipeline in one way or another shape (although judgment must be reserved until we see how it is implemented) and the remainder of the expenditures and property proposals would be channelled along to the pertinent division. That is not the complete enumeration I have presented, but these are the topics I would like to concentrate on today:

All I can do is advise how my book is being read by those who find it on Amazon - and that's what I really want to know. I don't think Amazon wants to split transaction figures with others, but I would like to see the percentage conversions, pattern percentage and converting information on these samples and so on. Amazons only allows me to give away one copy at full cost, and many people don't know how to load a book laterally when I mail them a scoob.

When I choose for the 70% donation rates in the US that require me to praise between $2. 99 and $9. 99, I cannot praise below the equivalent of $2. 99 in any region. My wish is for the liberty to achieve a lower cost elsewhere, as the Sweetspot that maximises sales is often lower in less developed countries.

So many problems with the categorysystem that it could fill its own job, but I will go through the most important ones quickly: a) We need many more subcategories. Amazons recently added new grainy subcategories in some styles, but others were intact. It' great that SF now has 20 subcategories.

This makes it easy for the reader to find the book they like among the 50,000 or so SF e-books at Amazon. But on the other side you have like Historical Fiction, which has 25,000 titles and no subcategories. As I know, it is difficult to split some classes - it is great to find subclasses for literary fiction!

Barnes & Noble has 20 subcategories if you need an example. That' a horrible concept and creates work for your client services staff, who have to handle the authors' queries upfront. Alternatively, the only way to get into these new subcategories is to use the name as a key word (which doesn't always work).

Authors Central's client services are excellent. Many self-editors want them, not least because a book with a pre-order page is an option for Hot New Releases right from the time it is uploaded. From time to time, Amazon may send e-mails with warnings that eBooks will be taken out of circulation due to possible copyrights problems, violations of the conditions of use, typing mistakes or typing mistakes.

I' ve only had a few working day to answer, or my books were taken off the market, so I answered immediately with the necessary information. I could not alter the value of my textbook during this time because it was freezed in KDP. I had to pay a few hundred bucks because I could not increase the purchase value after a purchase, but what if I had been on holiday?

Others have tried to persuade account managers that object d'art is not a spelling mistake or that there should be some leeway for the way the dialog is typed, and the general problems with client services (see above) exacerbate the issue. It is particularly annoying to see that this procedure remains uncontrolled for even longer when there are no problems and blatant violations of the conditions of use.

This was very quickly eliminated, but this "publisher" had over 100,000 similar books that were not eliminated for month. In this context, it should be noted that your automatic rating identification procedure that violates the User Agreement deletes many real ratings, and support is very poor.

The KDP's fee system, however, penalises authors of shorts who want to singly sale their tales. While I can see why Amazon wants to promote higher prices for full-time work, a system to identify less work and indicate the full 70% could certainly be put in place. Do you have a storyline subcategory in each Genre and Subgenre, run a review on the length (which the system already does), and you' ll have 70% on sells under $2. 99 for stocks with this class.

I' d also suggest the liberty to rate such stocks as low as $0.49. Readers can note down brief histories on the products page in order to set appropriate requirements for shape and contents. Whilst we are on shorts, it would be great if you could raise the issue of the shortage of fantasy chosen for Kindle singles.

I' d like to see a little more affection for feature films - especially for the genres. More and more lands are falling out of the vast area with every new Kindle Store opened (where most Amazon $2 fee is charged to hit most of the book to supply Whispernet). Recently, Amazon started an e-mail alert facility on the authors pages.

Concentrated contents have become very much appreciated by Amazon clients - as any serialist who has published a speaker kit will confirm. Nowadays the work-around of manual clustering of textbooks into one large e-book is quite unelegant (and a hit on shipping costs, which are exorbitant). These can be done like shorts using the categorysystem, with a subcategory for bundles or boxesets in each gender and subgenre.

The KDP could take 5 of 90 working day to reduce your volume to ninety-nine c, with a beautiful line in the middle of the cost per page to show the client the cost-saving. Writers can plan their promotion in KDP the way they do on their day off, and don't have to be concerned about changing prices in order to get a commercial on it.

Amazons could be worried that this might cannibalise their own deals (like the Kindle Daily Deals and promotions like the 100 for less than $3.99 etc.), but the huge increase of websites like BookBub undersupplied. I would like to come back to this shortlist in a few month and see what has been achieved.

Please write down any questions or wishes you may have in the commentaries. Amazons was very grateful for the feedbacks and asked me to give their thanks to you.

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