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Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing: Does it cost more? Amazon and its Kindle Direct Publishing Services are a breeze for freelance writers with a series of highly acclaimed e-readers and a massive community of users. However, Andrew Hyde followed the performances of his recent book This Book is About Travel through the retailer's online shop and found that Amazon may not be the wise way to spread his work.

Although he took much of his early selling and a place as Amazon's number one "Hot New Release in Travel", Hyde's product made a significantly lower profit per copy than an Apple iBook, Barnes and Noble Nook or a PDF of it.

If you applied for Kindle Direct Publishing's 70 per cent license fee set, you would expect that 30 per cent of each sales to Amazon would go to the writer with the remainder. On the price page of the services it is stated that the Amazon shipping cost is not included, but since it is digitally, the additional charges should (at least theoretically) be minimum.

Quite the opposite, Hyde charged that Amazon charged an avarage of $2.58 for every $9.99 of his work. If this amount is added to the 30 per cent already due to the merchant, the author's score falls below half the selling rate of the item. Now Hyde is advising prospective clients to buy this guide via travel as a PDF from Gumroad - where he will receive $9.25 for each sales - but only so much will tell if the loss of Amazon's beloved window will be beneficial in the long run.

Top Romance Writing Award for five Kindle Direct Publishing authors

ARMZN, -0.29% - Five independent writers have been selected as winner of the 2018 RITA Awards for their outstanding achievements in the literature of novels released by Lion. The five writers used Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish their work. Announcement of the winner was given this weekend at the Romanance Writers of America (RWA) Convention. The RITA Awards went to more KDP writers this year than ever before.

Isaac' s novel "Then There Was You" was honored with the RITA Award 2018 for novels with spiritual or worship elements. The first RITA champion is Isaac. J. Kenner's novel Wicked Dirty was honored with the Romance Writers of America 2018 RITA Award for Erotic Romance. Kai Nolan's novel Second Chance Summer was honored with the RITA Award for Contemporary Romance 2018:

Encyclopaedia Ryan's novel Fallting Hardt was honored with the Romance Writers of America 2018 RITA Award for Contemporary Romance: The first RITA champion.

RITA Award 2018 shortlisted 26 independent writers, a new record for the number of recognised independent writers. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) was started in 2007 to enable writers to address audiences around the world while maintaining their copyrights and licensing up to 70% of their work. Testimonials, 1-click purchases, personalised referrals, Prime, Fulfillment from Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire Tabts, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and Alexa are some of the Amazon has developed a range of award-winning solutions and service offerings.

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