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Amazam Kids Book Creator versus Ultimate ebook creator. I' ve had problems previewing the corrected layout book, but I've sorted it out. Recently Amazon introduced its Kindle Kids' Book Creator. However, what influence did it have on the sale of children's books? Now Amazon Kindle has a version that allows you to create illustrated children's books:

Amazon Kids Book Creator

When you are new here, you can get my free ACTION Blueprint e-book to create your own brand! I' ve just (finally!) released my children's book - My Little Pets Stories. This book made me look for an artists who drew the illustration without great results!

And I also chose to use 2 different programs to make the book so that I could make a comparison: If you want to make your book faster, first generate it in Word or Open Office and then save it in PDFs. As soon as you have a PDF file, you can simply download it into Kids Book Creator and the application will build and generate it.

Of all the articles I've been reading, those with this function don't get very good criticism. It' will create a . wobi that you can put into your KDP profile and that's it!

I' ll go into it after discussing the other softwares first. It will take some getting used to, but once you know how to use it, it's pretty fast and simple. Generate your book within the application via an intuitive Word and Open Office style port and immediately convert it to PDF or . mobile files.

That' s why I have made a. pc mobi-file and have put it on my KDP-address. As I have already said in earlier articles, I found the picture enhancement utility great for creating an accurate picture with a small filesize but high resolutio. The next book I produced like this I would use Word (or Open Office) to make the book and I would use the picture enhancer in UEC to store the pictures before inserting them into my Word-documents.

I would then save the file as my own file and use the Amazon Kids Book Creator. If you use Amazon Kids Book software, create a hard-copy book. This means that the book pages have a definite page length and therefore the possibility to resize the fonts is not useable.

One of the reasons why it is best to use this for a children's book is because any imagery must be next to the pertinent text or the book does not run very well. Using UEC, your book is not a permanent book and therefore there may be problems placing the picture if someone resizes the display while viewing it.

Well, I had a jolt because I had my customary procedure for previews of my pad using my book and upload the previews to my kidle pad application. Doing this, I found that the book I had made with the Amazon children's book creator was empty except for the title picture!

But the book I made with UEC was perfectly all right! So, I chose to look at each of the book with the previews function in KDP itself! You can now see that there are many previews! There seems to be solidly bound layouts that can' t be based on anything other than the Kindle HDX or Kindle Voyager previews.

While I don't know why this is the case, it's something you should consider because you end up a little disappointed as I did when you try to get a sneak peek on your pad! In order to verify this, I download the previews to my Kindle Fire and it worked for the hard copybook.

Is it going to work on iPad after it's released? I was next worried if the released solid lay-out book would be viewable if it were bought and then viewed with an iPad! So, I released this book anyway and quickly reviewed it! You will see a text on the sale page indicating the equipment on which you can use it: it will be displayed:

As there are many different types of equipment available, Amazon is sure it is appropriate and can be used on all of them. I' ve tried it by ordering a pattern of the book and looking at it on my iPad. When you want to make a permanent book, you can use Word, Open Office or UEC, but make sure you are converting your documents to PDF and then uploading them to Kids Book Creator to turn them into a. mobile book.

I will use Word and optimise my pictures with the function in UEC before I insert them into my Word documen. If you have a. m3Book, please load it to KDP and view it with the previews on your KDPashboard or Kindle Fire.

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