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All eBooks are the property of Amazon. With more people reading books on electronic devices like the Amazon Kindle and Apple's iPad, the world of reading is becoming more complex. It is non-exclusive Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). You' re not restricted and you can sell your ebook at any other retailers, as well as Amazon Kindle. As soon as readers could make compulsive book purchases, Kindle began selling.

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This resulted in "Holy Island", a mystery novel based on the bleak scenery of her parental home in Northumberland, which was released in January this year. Astonishingly, she made it without a bookstore or agents and despite a pile of denials from publishing houses. The UK self-released book markets increased by 79 percent in 2013, with 18 million copies purchased by British consumers, although total printed book revenues declined by 10 percent.

For her first book "The Mammals that Mankind", an Anthropologic foray through the story, she organized a self-publication by AuthorHouse later this months. Apart from my grandma, the outcome of the authors' decision to go alone is a new digitized literature scene in which romanticism, eroticism and sci-fi prevail and it is the public - and not the publishers - who decide what to sell.

It is also the fifth year since Kindle was launched in the UK, the independent publishing plattform that has enabled literary creation by literary groups of several hundred thousand people. This is because no care how many hundred thousand copies of e-books are distributed, the FDIY industry seldom gets praise or recognition from major publishers because for years it has been seen as either low grade or low grade publishing.

People who go into it do so great for money above believability and the invaluable occasion of an audiences, rather than a Pulitzer Prize or a headline at the Hay Festival. However, time changes and a low level doesn't push away tens of thousand of potential, gifted writers. It is free to post by yourself and writers deserve a 35 per-cent licensing fee for works under 1. 99 or 70 per-cent for works between £1. 99 and £9.99.

"Not only did I want to go public myself," she states. A 38-year-old academic from Gloucestershire, Paul Pilkington has been playing the match from both sides, first via KDP, then via Hodder & Stoughton. Best sellers on Kindle of all time:

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