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Childle Publishing: A step-by-step guide to how Amazon sells your books.

Alexis's note: I don't usually make visiting contributions, but that's an exemption. I got this from one of my teammates, Heather van Der Hoop, who was helping me to write my first Kindle work. This has resulted in this fantastic blue print for Kindle Publishers. Whilst self-publishing through your own website has its advantages, the huge audiences of Amazon's Kindle Store makes it attractive for writers looking to collaborate on their work with new audiences.

Publishers for Kindle have their own unique style and style challenge. But if there is one thing we all know that Alexis likes, it is experimentation with new frameworks, methodologies and technology. As she wrote her latest novel, You deserve to love your love your Job, she knew she wanted to test the Kindle market place for herself.

Here is how we took the script from the script to the final result, complete with the lesson we learnt. Their first obstacle is the decision between Kindle Direct Publishing and KDP Select. They both associate their work with the billions of Kindle users and users who use Kindle applications on their smart phones and tables.

There is a big difference: KDP Select demands 100 per cent exclusiveness - your books cannot be resold anywhere else. Although there is a great deal of discussion about the benefits of KDP Select, it was the clear decision for this volume for several reasons: It was Alexis' intention to see if KDP is a meaningful addition to her own shop, with the aim of reaching a new Kindle owner public and using Amazon algorithm to increase revenue.

Instead of diluting the test by releasing it on different platform, we chose KDP alone, so the exclusion rule didn't interfere. With KDP Select you can either sell the product for free for five or up to seven working nights as part of a countdown deal that we liked - especially since you still deserve 70 per cent royalty payments during a CD.

While you can do your promotional campaigns in KDP by hand, if you rate your volume below $2.99 you will receive only 35 per cent. The Kindle Owners' Lending Library, which is free for Amazon Prime members, contains all KDP Select titles. Whenever your work is lent out, you make a cut in a month's funds ($1.2M in April 2014).

Whilst the funds were not a big drawing, we were eager to see how often the library would be lent out. An author who made KDP Select good for him is Steve Scott, who had 39 of them. Their coverage is a critical part of your eBooks; it is all that Amazon shows prospective purchasers, the top 100 listings and "customers who have also purchased this item"-scanning.

You need a 1563px by 2500px picture; Amazon suggests a 1. 6 height: width relationship. A way to make sure your covers reach prospective audiences is that your designers generate two or three choices and your audiences ask for it. Alexis's readership picked the definitive layout and gave us invaluable input that helps us make the sleeve more alluring.

Whereas you can skilfully load file types such as .oc, RTF, PDF, text, ePub and HTML, most professionals suggest that your text be uploaded as a Kindle file, a special one. First of all, you should be able to use the free KindleGen and Kindle Previewer software from Amazon. KinddleGen will convert HTML documents to mobile, while Kindle Previewer will show you how your textbook will appear on different Kinddle releases.

After you tell Scrivener where to find KindleGen, the compile feature will do the converting for you - all you need to do is specify format options. There will be many attempts and errors - I have done at least 25 test convertions - it is rewarding to try different options and see what looks best for your work.

Every rewrite took less than 10 seconds; most of the rewrite was done in Kindle Previewer and Scrivener's compile-setting. And if your sections have complex titles and structures like Alexis's script books, create a TOC by hand using scrivener link files found in Edit -> Scrivener Link -> New Link; then select the "Convert Scrivener Link to HTML Link" field in HTML Preferences to convert them to normal hypertext when you click Compile.

Ditto also explained how fast and simple the edit can be in his contribution to The Books Designer, and the Google+ Scrivener Users Community is extremely useful. Think about the strategy side of the whole checkout before you get to the tech issues of how to publish and publish your work. You should load up your work at least 48hrs before the start - although Alexis's work was finished within eighthrs, you want this backup if something goes sour.

Jeff Goins in How to Launch Publishing for Kindle suggests that you publish your work on Amazon a few months before your perfect starting date, then send free prints to your area' buddies, families, colleagues in your area, and ask them to post a Review on the Amazon page of the work. This way, when you tell the rest of the industry about your work, potential purchasers will see many good ratings - a big advantage for those who may not be used to your work.

It' actually quite easy to upload your work. Select your two classifications carefully: These areas of the Kindle Bookshop help prospective purchasers find your books while you search and find them in the Top 100 list. Thinking the 4-hour workweek and the $100 start-up, we voted careers -> job search and careers -> leaders and have seen a highlighted difference: the guide has consistently ranked higher in job search because leaders include more heavy-hitters in the careers counseling worlworld.

Include up to seven key words to guide the reader to your work. Which words will prospective purchasers look for in the Kindle Shop? Where can you find answers to your question? Please load up your artwork and select whether you want Digital Rights Management to protect your work. Happy birthday, you are willing to load up your work!

After loading, please review it again with the Online Previewer and then click on "Save & Next" to go to the Prices section. Like Jeff Goins says in How to Launch Publishing for Kindle, why should you vote 35 per cent and give Amazon the most in your work?

Their first shoppers on Kindle are probably part of your current audience: blogs reader, community members and family. And Alexis also provided a reward for anyone who sent her a screen shot of her sincere evaluation by email on the publication day: a 20 per cent discount voucher on each of her classes or leaders, leading to seven new evaluations.

Inciting early adopters has another effect: when many consumers buy at once, Amazon's software takes up your eBook and encourages it by making it more accessible to prospective shoppers and helps your eBook to get to the top of the rankings. Whilst Amazon helps your books to attract new audiences, its algorithms require the books to achieve a certain (mysterious) number of first-timers.

In order to receive Amazon assistance, you must publish your own textbook. In the context of her relaunch analyses, Alexis described our promotional and promotional plans in detail and we implemented them well. But your effort cannot end after the launch: You should be planning to market your product as long as you want to sell it.

Send and post contributions to help your text. Keep the links to your books in your blogs, online news, and e-mail signatures. Become imaginative to promote your work to new customers. Here is what we measure: sales: The KDP reports only show the current monthly turnover; if you want to see your own day-to-day turnover, check this reports every 24hrs.

As this is an experience, we are following every country's sale and we were amazed at the numbers from outside North America - hello, shoppers in the UK, Denmark, Spain and Australia! Since it is in the Kindle Owners Lending Library, it deserves part of a month's collection of loans by number.

Loans also help ranking the books; Amazon's algoritms treat them as if they were for sale. Loans appear in the same quarterly turnover record and we follow them up on a regular basis. Review the sell-side of your eBook to see how many ratings it has deserved and what the reader thinks. Whilst some Kindle expert like Steve Scott dishearten ranking tracking down (in his Kindle account is $. 99 of New Free?), we consider it part of the game.

Please review the sell-side of your product under "Product Details" to see the overall rankings in the Kindle Shop and in each of its product groups. Alecis reported on the results of our start in a previous article in the blogs, but the end result for February 2014 was $200. Twenty-four out of 168 disposals. I will do my best to reply in the commentaries if you have any further queries about the publication for Kindle!

If you want a copy of You deserve to be loved your boyfriend, she's on..... you got it.... Amazon.

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