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Kindle Author

These are the 100 best Kindle writers of all times. Best Kindle author ever is James Patterson, with 10 novels in the Top 100. It is part of our comprehensive review of the best titles and writers in the Kindle Store since the introduction of the first-ever Kindle. The feature article features Top 100 Kindle Literature Top 100 Kindle Literature Top 10 Literature and Non-Fiction Top 100 Kindle Literature Top 10 Kindle Bestseller and Top Classified.

Let's take a look at the table of the most popular writers who posted their works in the Kindle Store between November 2007 and November 2017. The clear victor is James Patterson. There are ten of the top 100 titles he has written or co-authored in the Top 100 Rankings of all times.

Second-best author is David Baldacci, followed by Suzanne Collins. There were five writers (James Patterson, Lee Child, David Baldacci, Nicholas Sparks and Michael Connelly) on the Kindle best-seller list for ten years. Since 2007, two writers - David Baldacci and Lee Child - have been able to put their works on all the list.

Some other big-name publishers who just named J.K. Rowling would join the association if they chose to publish their titles in the Kindle series. It also shows the working styles and attitudes of the writers. Patterson is the winner because he is a productive author. Up to 46 novels that he had either authored or co-authored ended up on top of the year' s best-seller index.

There are three of the Hungerspiele titles she has written and a book pack she has collected in a separate number. The four journals have been rated very highly on the yearly list. 100% of them made it into the top 100 Kindle Literature of all times. Some of the things you can see in the rankings are:

an author's rank on the basis of the number of points earned, points - a sum of points earned, top 100 titles - a sum of author titles in the top 100 Kindle book rankings, yearly book rankings - a sum of author titles on Kindle bestseller yearly listings for 2007-2017, years on yearly listings - how many years of author titles were available on Kindle bestseller yearly listings for 2007-2017.

Our primary policy for ranking the best Kindle novels and writers of all times is built on points from the yearly best-seller charts. When there is a volume on more than one year listing, its points are added. And the same rules apply to writers. If an author places more titles in a year' s best seller ranking, more points will be awarded.

These are the rankings for the best Kindle creators of all time: If two or more creators receive the same number of points, they will be placed in the top 100 in the same place. This means that the shortlist contains more than 100 contributors, add co-authored works to their overall scores, and co-authors (only contributors working with James Patterson) are shown seperately.

Figures were compiled between 25 July and 19 November 2017. Interested in the Kindle? Light it. An eBook fanatic, tech freak, iPhone artists and self-published author from Poland. New Kindle Store features allow you to give a Kindle Reader to several people. When' s the best season for Amazon Prime?

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